Monday, November 20, 2006

Pacquiao writes off Morales

It was an epic battle that spelled the end of an era.
Manny Pacuiqao in a fashion as quick as his fists clobbered Mexican legend Erik "El Terrible" Morales before the end of three rounds.
Pacquiao a southpaw, this time introduced his killer right hook in this fight, which rendered Morales shocked everytime it landed on his face.
Manny Pacquiao moved in and out of Morales, preventing the Mexican champ from unleashing right-arm arsenal.
It was a highly improved Pacquiao in this third fight, with so many new movements that complemented his speed and punching power.
We watched the live in National Sports Grill at the Greenbelt III.
The rowdy Filipino crowd was estatic at each time Manny Pacquiao landed a solid punch to the opponent.
With his vicotry Manny Pacquiao is now both a fierce and feared fighter that will scare the hell of those Mexican pugs.
Morales was right. Pacquiao was just too strong and too fast for him.
I am watching the replay ofthe fight as I am writing this and I just saw Morales pummelled backwards and down to the canvass on his third and final knockdown.
It was a trilogy of a knockdowns.
Morales was knocked down thrice, from clear killer punches from Pacquiao, enough to make Morales shake his head and signal "no more" before millions of viewers around the world.
Congulations Manny Pacquiao!


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