Monday, February 25, 2008

Truth decay

I am watching on television the live telecast of the Mass for Truth at the Baclaran, in celebration of the EDSA anniversary.
According to the homily, there is so much untruthfulness going on in our country today.
The untruths are pervading in the top position, to the lowest positions in our government.
The priest says the country is suffering what he calls "TRUTH DECAY."

Friday, February 22, 2008

Arnel sings Open Arms with Journey in Chile

Journey's first public appearance with the new front man Filipino Arnel Pineda was at the Vina Del Mar, Chile February 21.
It's heart pumping, I can feel the blood streaming in my veins, while watching the video uploads...
You just can't help but feel proud for Arnel Pineda.
Here are the links on you tube:

Arnel Pineda and Journey sing Faithfully:

Journey seeing some Lights with Arnel Pineda:

Directions for Mount Samat

Chrissie sent me an email seeking directions in going to Mount Samat. I blogged about our first visit to Mount Samat months ago. Here is Chrissie's email, and my response:

Hi Jay... I was searching for Mt. Samat articles and I came across your blog. I was planning on visiting Mt. Samat this weekend but had no idea on how to get there. Would you still remember how to get there? Is it possible to ask for directions? Thank you so much and sorry for the hassle.

Chrissie, I have forgotten the exact directions, I was following a lead vehicle then. But I think you have to go to Pampanga. Mount Samat is in Pilar, Bataan (I should remember this). Anyway if it would be of any help, let me direct you to this link:
Thank you and have a nice trip!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Debate rages on Coca-Cola ads

The debate on this blog about the issue of Coca-Cola painting the town red hasn't slipped away.
I just received a obviously irate reaction from a blogger named Kareen Ann, who came raging like a bull, vigorously, or almost-violently defending the "fence-advertisement" campaign of Coca-Cola in Dumaguete City.
It apparantely is a reaction to an earlier comment by Dinah Penaflorida (also posted in this blog), who had said the fence-advertisements of Coca-cola are insulting to the intelligence of Dumaguetenos.
Kareen Ann, angrily disputes this.
By the tone of her reaction, I can sense it comes from somebody who is not familiar, or hasn't imbibed the polite, gentle approach, commonly attribtable to Dumageutenos.
I will post her reation (with some correction on the English), and later below, present it again, the way a true-blooded Dumagueteno would argue.

Here is that stern reaction of Kareen Ann:

"Insulting?! Insulting to whom?! The Coca-cola Ads is (sic) [are] insulting? yes it is to those who wants (sic) [want] money but sad to say Coca-cola is not like that! Before u point the finger's to Coca-cola manalamin kau! Coca-cola have (sic) [has] been there for the poor people, may Red School sila for the very poor and hard to reach area...mga [may?] Corporate Social responsibility sila... kaya bago kau mag salita kala mo kung sinong malinis na nagtuturo sa companya na yan...tingnan nyo ang Local officials nyo! Bakit ang ibang beverage company wala bang ginagawang ganyan! ang Kapal ng Mukha nyo"
"Before i go..By the way, Meron din silang ADAPT (sic) [ADOPT] A SCHOOL program...founder Coca-cola...if my reply will not be posted then my impression sa mga taga Dumaguete City is wrong.... "

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Perdices a good faith liar

While recognizing that indeed mayor Agustin lied under oath, the city prosecutors deaclared these lies were in good faith.
This was the gist of the resolution of the city prosecutors owhich dismissed the perjury charge filed by newspaper columnist Mercedarius Dindo P. Generoso agasint the city mayor.
According to the city prosecutors, the lies made by Perdices were not deliberate.
However, Dindo Generoso said he will seek a reconsdieration of the resolution dismising the perjury charge because the evidence is very clear that Perdices dliberate lied under oath.
Mercedarius Dindo P. Generoso yesterday said he will seek a review of the resolution of the city prosecutors’ office dismissing his two- count complaint of perjury against city Mayor Agustin R. Perdices.
Generoso said despite the dismissal of his perjury complaint, he feels vindicated because the resolution confirmed that mayor Perdices is a liar, and that Perdices lied under oath.
Perdices did not dispute the lies attributed to him.
Perdices was shown to have lied by stating under oath that Dindo is an Australian; that Dindo cannot be found in Dumaguete; that Dindo is not residing in the Philippines.
Perdices used these lies in court, and even sought a preliminary attachment against Dindo’s property in Dumaguete City.
The city prosecutors dismissed the perjury complaint because according to them, Perdices merely lied “in good faith.”
However, Generoso said that the evidence clearly shows that Perdices deliberately lied.
For this reason Generoso said he will ask the city prosecutors to reconsider their resolution, which he was able to get a copy only yesterday.

Half baked resolution
Generoso said he found the prosecutors’ resolution unusual, odd, and half-baked despite the fact that it ostensibly was reviewed by four city prosecutors, namely 4th assistant city prosecutor Leonardo E. Mandahoyan, 3rd assistant city prosecutor Alvin A. Aseniero, 2nd assistant city prosecutor Joseph Arnel M. Zerna, and approved by city prosecutor Adrian C. Borromeo.
Generoso said he found the resolution unusual because it had to be reviewed by four prosecutors.
Despite this supposedly thorough review, the resolution failed to address all the issues raised in his complaint.
For instance, Generoso observed the city prosecutors apparently forgot there were two counts of perjury filed against Perdices.
Perdices already knew about and realized the sworn lies he had made in his first sworn statement, Generoso stressed.
Yet, even already knowing he lied under oath, Perdices still persisted and made a subsequent sworn statement repeating the same lies he made in his previous sworn statement, Generoso added.
“How can that be good faith?” Generoso asked.
Curiously, the resolution which supposedly underwent “thorough review” was eerily silent on this issue, Generoso observed.
Generoso also noted that he and Perdices met here in Dumaguete several times.
Generoso even submitted to the prosecutors photographs evidencing Perdices and himself together.
Yet, the prosecutors still believed Perdices’ claim he was acting in “good faith” when he lied under oath that Generoso cannot be found in the Philippines.
Again, the silence in the resolution on this matter was deafening, Generoso said.
Generoso also expressed disbelief, and amusement in the resolution which stated: “It is generally given that Filipinos who lived abroad (with the exception of overseas contract workers living among others, in the Middle East and in Hongkong) are perceived as having obtained the citizenship of the country where they reside.”
This is absolutely without factual and legal basis, Generoso said.
“This funny statement in the resolution brings dishonor to our great political leaders who had lived abroad but yet maintained their dignity and sense of patriotism by remaining to be Filipino citizens,” Generoso said.
These political leaders who lived abroad include the late President Manuel L. Quezon, Jovito Salonga, Ninoy Aquino, Corazon Aquino (former President), former Senator Heherson Alvarez, the Lopezes of ABS-CBN, Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Noynoy Aquino, to name a few.
“And there are many, many more ordinary Filipinos who reside abroad but did not naturalize,” Generoso said.
“It was amusing to read the resolution which associated living abroad with citizenship change,” Generoso said.
The legal process of naturalization is a complicated, difficult process. It is not even automatic. It cannot be assumed, Generoso added.
One is not naturalized in a foreign country just because he lives there, Generoso maintained.
Yet, the prosecutors, learned men in the law, believed the preposterous if not ridiculous statements of a mayor Perdices, Generoso said.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Upset reactor

A reader who was visibly upset over my latest blogpost, reveals an apparent ugly political bickering within the Pacquiao circle.
Well, where there is money, there is politics. and vice-versa.
Unfortunately, the reactor did not get what the post was really about.
He or she thought it was about Pacquiao.
Anyway, here is the raction, and my comment to the reaction:

Its pathetic for who ever started this stupid rumor... I know these people.. most of those that are involved with Pacquiao here in Los Angeles. I think I have an idea on who's the LOSER that started this story... its out of JEALOUSY for the couple for what they have accomplished earning Manny;s trust and therefore they are more favored. I just hope people aren't too naive to go believing "alleged" news that a certain sad individual has spread. Just because some one claims something does not make it a fact.


Jay's response:

I don't think Pacquiao will grant me an interview, as he is now probably too busy for me.
But you missed the point of the blogpost.
It wasn't about Pacquiao.
It is about incidents involving banks that negligently allow the encashment of forged checks.
It just so happened that it was Pacquiao's checking account that was involved, and it naturally caused a stir.
But there have been many Supreme Court decisions treating the liability, responsibility or culpability of banks that encash forged checks.
The point is, it is the bank's responsibility.
That is why Wells Fargo was all too willing to refund Pacquiao.
Unfortunately, at times when it involves lesser known account holders, banks don't usually come so easy in admitting liability.
It even has to reach the courts.
In any event, I am not really interested in the politics and the bickerings within Manny Pacquiao's inner circle.
I just enjoy watching him fight in the ring.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Widen probe of Pacquiao swindling

I agree with moves of Los Angeles law enforcement authorities to widen the probe of the swindling of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.
Pacquiao apparently was duped of more than US$150,000 by the second wife of his driver, identified as Pia Quijada.
The story is that Pacquiao opened a checking account at Wells Fargo and used the addresses of the spouses Quijada.
Over time, Quijada made unauthorized withdrawals of the Pacquiao funds by issuing checks with forged Pacquiao signatures.
The investigation, naturally focused on the beneficiary of the forgery, Pia Quijada, who has reportedly confessed and has asked for forgiveness from Pacquiao.
But I think the investigation should not stop there.
The question now is, how could this withdrawal be made possible without the participation of people from within the bank.
In the Philippines, when one opens a checking account, the bank as standard procedure, requires the account holder to make several specimen signatures in what they call "sig-cards" or signature cards.
This sig-cards are used by bank employees/telles for comparison, in the event checks are issued by the account holder.
When the bank receives checks issued by the account holder, the teller immiadately gets the sig-cards from a filing cabinet and compare the signatures.
In short, it is the responsibility of the bank to ensure the checks are not forged.
If the bank allows the withdrawal, and later on the signature turns out to be forged, that is the responsibility of the bank.
At the very least, negligence can be attributed on the bank.
But is it only negligence, or did it amount to conspiracy?
That is the question.
It is therefore no surprise that Wells Fargo is offering to refund Manny Pacquiao of the money withdrawn without his authority.
That is only proper.
It is a good thing that the person swindled was a celebrity.
If it were an ordinary account holder, would the bank readily make the refund?

What is on Neri's mind?

Many are puzzled why Romulo Neri refuses to "choose the light," and instead continues to align himself with the "dark side".
Neri is known to be incorruptible.
Other see him as an upright person.
But he, with the assistance of the powers in government, seems to be moving heaven and earth in order evade testifying in the Senate, unlike what his friend Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada did.
At this point, many people think Neri is the final nail that will seal the coffin of the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo government.
It is in Neri's lips where the Filipino people will know what the President had told him, or instructed him, that paved the way for the signing of the scandalous multi-million dollar ZTE loan last year in China.
For me, what I really want to know from Romulo Neri is: What was that million-dollar factor that changed the NBN project from Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T.) scheme to a China loan?
Only the President (not Abalos) has that power to convert a B.O.T. (National Broadband Network) project into a loan monumentally onerous to the Filipino people.
Neri continues to refuse to reveal his conversations with the President, and instead invokes executive privilege.
Executive privilege was what former U.S. President Richard Nixon unsuccessfully invoked when he tried to cover-up the infamous Watergate scandal that led to the downfall of his administration.
But there is now a written piece, arributed to Jun Lozada, circulated in the internet.
This writing purportedly was written by Jun Lozada and given to a friend Enteng Romano.
Romano then did not find much use of the Lozada piece, until Lozada spilled the beans in the Senate recently.
The piece, attributed to Jun Lozada, seeks to explain why Romulo Neri won't testify in the Senate.
It also seeks to squeeze out some of the things on Neri's mind.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Neg. Or. IBP hosts lawyers convention

The IBP WESTERN VISAYAS REGION under the leadership of Atty. Raymund J.A. Mercado, the incumbent IBP Governor for Western Visayas Region and the Negros Oriental Chapter headed by Atty. Samsodin Tahir will be hosting the IBP WESTERN VISAYAS REGIONAL CONVENTION AND MANDATORY CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION [MCLE] on March 6,7 and 8, 2008 at the Negros Oriental Convention Center here in Dumaguete City.
The affair will be attended by at least 400 lawyer - delegates from the Romblon, Guimaras, Antique, Capiz, Kalibo, Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete and Siquijor. The theme of the convention and MCLE is “Raising the bar of the BAR: A Call to Excellence in the Practice of the Legal Profession”.
Among the topics relevant to the times that will be discussed during the MCLE will be as follows:

1. Writ of Amparo
2. Updates in Legal Ethics
3. Enhancing Negotiating Skills for Lawyers
4. Media & Lawyers
5. Oral Argument before the Court Of Appeals
6. Updates in Criminal Law
7. Relevant Special Laws on Land Registration Law
8. Energy, Environment & the Law

The keynote speaker is Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, while the other speakers are: Mayor Tuting Perdices, Cong. George Arnaiz, Gov. Dodo Macias, Sen. Mar Roxas and Sen. Dick Gordon. The registration fee for the three – day affair which includes meals, fellowship and kits is PHP4,000.00. Payment can be made at the IBP Neg. Or. Office at the Hall of Justice, Piapi, Dumaguete City.
Queries can be made too at 422-1572 thru the IBP Secretary Elsie Malayo.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another looming lousy libel suit

Another lousy libel suit is forthcoming.
This is the libel suit that the disgraced former Commission on Elections Chair Benjamin Abalos is threatening to file against Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada.
Let me put it simply.
If litigated on the merits, the libel suit will not prosper because the element of malice is absent.
Much less, the element of actual malice is just not there.
Assuming Lozada committed errors in his factual narrations, it is not lieblous.
Errors of fact is not tantamount to libel.
Lozada even did not want to testify in the Senate.
He was forced to do so due to circumnstances beyond his control.
I think this is a very strong indication that negates malice.
But as usual, libel will most likely be the most convenient legal tool to harrass.
More than being a harassment tool, I think Abalos wants to use libel to ultimately conceal the truth, and to hide his guilt.
At this point however, I don't think Jun Lozada is on a retreat mode.
The die is cast.
As was said earlier, Lozada has crossed the rubicon.

Russian martial arts experts in Dumaguete to learn Arnis

Russian martial arts experts flew halfway around the globe to Dumaguete in order to learn Arnis.
Arnis is a form of martial art that uses a pair of cylindrical wooden sticks.
In Dumaguete City there is a formal training for a martial art called "Eskrima"
Erwin Almagro wrote to tell us the story of the Russia-Dumaguete tie up for Arnis:
Eskrima, also commonly known as Arnis for Dumaguete├▒os, is gaining interest from martial artists across different cultures around the world.
The term Eskrima is the Filipino spelling which comes from the Spanish word esgrima, "fencing". Arnis is thought to derive from the phrase arn├ęs de mano, Spanish for "harness of the hand". Both refer to the same Filipino Martial Art (FMA) and are interchangeable.
Last January 28-February 7, 2008, a group of experienced martial artists from Russia trained in Dumaguete in the art of Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO ( Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO Philippines, Inc. is founded and headed by Ireneo “Eric” Olavides. The group’s headquarters which is in Dumaguete City is supervised by Ruel Tubang.
In the photo submitted by Erwin Almagro, Dumaguete's Arnis specialist Maestro Ruel Tubang (LEFT wearing white shirt) shows head of the Russian group Alexander Furunzhiev (RIGHT wearing black shirt) how the strike should be executed.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bad news for Sabungeros

I bring bad news to sabungeros (cockfight enthusiasts).
The Supreme Court has turned down a petition seeking to allow the holding of cockfights other than the statutorily mandated dates.
I read from the Bohol Chronicle a news item disclosing about this Supreme Court resolution.
I tried to look up the G.R. No. 176004 (Ramo v Gov. Erico Aumentado, December 5, 2007) in the Supreme Court website, but I wasn't able to trace it.
You see, under Philippine law, Presidential Decree No. 449, cockfights are to be held only on certain dates.
These are on Sundays and legal holidays, including Christmas, Easter Sunday, and fiestas.
However, on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Rizal Day, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, election days, cockfighting are not allowed.
But beyond this, some sabungeros want extended cockfight sessions.
It was disallowed by the Bohol provincial government.
So somebody questioned this and went all the way up to the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court upheld the provincial government's stand on disallowing cockfights other than those dates stated in the law.
So, for our sabungero-friends, sorry.
Control your vice. Contain your urges.
Retain Sunday school.
Don't over do it. "Moderate your greed".
It's good for your health.
You will also have more time with the family.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Libel continues to haunt the new House Speaker

If you are a public official, you should be wary about using libel as a tool against journalists.
Libel was used by the new House Speaker Prospero Boy Nograles in pinning down the beleaguered, but courageous journalist named Alex Adonis of Davao.
(If you want to know more about the tragedy of Alex Adonis, just Google his name)
Adonis stands out as the only journalist of note who has been convicted, and jailed for libel.
A number have been convicted of libel, but when it reaches the Supreme Court, either the convictions are reversed, or the penalties reduced to fine.
Perhaps, the new House Speaker had once felt relieved after seeing Adonis in jail.
He was wrong.
You see, long ago when Nograles was not yet speaker he sued Alex Adonis for criminal libel.
Adonis corageously reported that incident involving a well known politician from Davao who was running around naked in a hotel after the husband of the woman the Davao politican brought to a hotel caught them in flagrante delicto.
By the way, somebody---most likely a basketball fanatic---translated in flagrante delicto as "flagrant foul" (not a bad translation).
According to The Pinoy Press website, Adonis reported on the “Burlesque King” issue in 2001, where, according to Court records, Adonis had alleged Nograles was the man caught running naked in a Manila hotel after the husband of the woman Nograles was allegedly having an affair with caught them inside a hotel room.
This became known nationally in many reports as the "burlesque king" incident.
Adonis was convicted, not because of lack of defense, but the absence of it.
Adonis lost by default, because he could not afford a lawyer to defend him.
It was like a boxing match where the other boxer lost by default because he could not afford to buy boxing gloves.
Now, the publicity about the new House Speaker Nograles, good or bad, almost never fails to make reference to that "burlesque king" event years back.
The incident, which is better left forgotten, almost always earns a line or two in news items about the new House Sepaker.
The sex episode until now fails to elude the lubricious embrace of news articles about Nograles.
This unsavory incident trails him like a lurking shadow beneath a sunshine.
It is a story as salacious as the incident itself.
I will not be surprised if in the quiet depths of Nograles' conscience, he could be regretting having had to file that haunting libel case.
This episode could very well have been buried a long time ago, if he had just let go of it.
Now, at the pedestal of power, Nograles seems to be suffering an eternal backlash.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Dr. Tam Mateo

I thought his family name was Tam, but I learned it was his first name.
Mateo is his surname and this Bulakeno has come a long way.
Dr. Tam Mateo, said to the the first Filipino Naturopathic Doctor is touted by some as Mr. Miracle Man who developed the product called "Miracle Tea."
My wife, son and I spent our Sunday afternoon in a seminar of Dr. Tam Mateo in Pasig.
My wife who prodded me to attend the seminar of Dr. Tam because she heard Dr. Tam on television about alternative treatment to certain ailments.
So at around 2:30 p.m. last Sunday we motored to Dr. Tam's headquarters in No. 433 F. Legaspi St., Maybunga Pasig City.
Upon arrival at the said address, we were surprised to see so many vehicles parked along the road.
We were not expecting this large number of people flocking to to Dr. Tam's seminar.
We were ushered to the second floor in a huge building which was actually a basketball court converted into a seminar hall.
Just imagine the basketball court filled with people.
That was how big the crowd was that attended the seminar.
First it was a lecture by a lady, who sounded like an assistant of Dr. Tam. I didn't get her name.
She discussed extensively the reasons why people today are getting sick, many at a much younger age.
Basically the reason is that people are eating the wrong food.
The way to a healthier life is to eat healthy food.
That is the general reception I had with her discussion.
Then there were a couple of testimonies of certain patients of Dr. Tam who testified how they were "healed" by undergoing the so-called "daily protocol" prescribed by Dr. Tam Mateo.
Here is my observation about the seminar.
Although there was extensive lecture about healthy living, at the end of the seminar, I observed many people really did not know what they had to do to live healthier.
Downstairs, many people were asking what they have to do.
While they were lectured about healthy living, many of them appeared to be in the dark on the first specific steps to take in following Dr. Tam Mateo's "protocol."
As for us, we had to ask our way around from people who had come before us.
Well, here it is.
Dr. Tam Mateo has developed or invented products to healthier living.
From what I learned by attending his seminar, Dr. Tam sells two main products.
These are what he calls "Miracle Tea" and "Live Green."

The Miracle Tea
This product is a red colored liquid placed in a plastic container that looks a lot like a bottle of mineral water.
This product costs P1,495 per bottle.
Perhaps this is called a mircle tea because it does apparently wonders in cleansing our digestive system.
The manifestations are quite dramatic.
This tea will make you go back and forth to the comfort room to discharge.
And you will notice the cleansing because the discharge are not in their usual form.
This Miracle Tea is to be taken in half-cup volume, to be taken three times a week.
Dr. Tam assures some results the cleansing abilities of his Miracle Tea.
We tried it, and I can confirm that there were positive results.
The results were more profound in the case of my wife Ruby.
Her problem is that she does not regularly discharge her waste.
The complication is that many of the things she eats stays a longer time in her body.
And because of this, complications arise.
She has abnormally high cholesterol, so she takes Lipitor.
Just imagine if the food you take stays in your body for a longer time.
Naturally and logically, it is not something good.
It is important to release your body "wastes" in regular fashion.
If you don't, then the solution is Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea.
Just today, after one day of drinking half cup of Dr. Tam's Mircale Tea, my wife went to the comfort room at least four times.
With respect to the cleansing ability of the Miracle Tea, I have no concrete basis to say about the results yet.
But according to a cancer patient we talked to at the seminar, one can really feel the cleansing effests of the body. You feel light, the patient asserted.

Live Green
The other product that is also sold by Dr. Tam is Live Green.
This is a green-colored powdery substance contained in a plastic container similar to those containers for herbal supplements.
The instruction is is put two teaspoons of Live Green powder into a half-filled glass of chilled water.
Stir and then drink.
I haven't tried it yet.
But it is supposed to be a supplement that contains many helpful nutrients that our body needs.
I am not competent even to discuss this so I just decided to scan the brochure of Dr. Tam so that the brochure will be the one to explain.
In my observation, the Live Green prodcut of Dr. Tam is made of a kind of grass.
It does smells like grass.

If you do not have any major ailment, Dr. Tam's protocal is just to sell the Miracle Tea and the Live Green.
But if a person is ill, the patient has to consult with Dr. Tam Mateo in his clinic.
He will prescribe a certain "protocol" or steps and procedure to be followed, depending on the ailment of the patient.
The protocol mainly involves eating green, vegetables and drinking juice, eating fruits, like bananas.
That's the simplest way of explaining the protocol.
The patient will be given a specific schedule of when to eat the kind of green foods prescribed, and the dose or the volume, depending on the condition of the individual.
I am impressed by the kind of living taught by Dr. Tam.
It is going back to the basics of proper food consumtion.
Remember in kindergarten where we are taught to eat leafy vegetables and fruits?
That is basically the advocacy, only it is sophisticated because it is the result of proessional study.
But the essence is to eat green.
There are of course other health products sold by Dr. Tam Mateo.
The idea really is to go back to basics of healthy living.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Adverse claim

An adverse claim is a legal remedy for any person who may have a stake or claim upon registered property.
A person who has a claim upon a certain real property will make a sworn statement and file it with the register of deeds.
The register of deeds will inscribe the claim in the title so that the entire world will be informed that there is a person making a claim over a certain property.
The adverse effects of any adverse claim is that persons will be wary in dealing with registered property with an inscribed adverse claim.
Banks for instance, will not easily approve loans where the collaterals are registered property with an adverse claim.
Actually banks won't.
The general rule is that an adverse claim serves as a warning to people to be careful in dealing with registered property with an inscribed adverse claim.
But my client, Manny, a real estate broker says this general rule is not always applicable and there are exceptions.
He said that registered properties in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig for instance have adverse claims from the city of Makati.
This means that for every title of real property in Taguig, the city of Makati registered an adverse claim.
Manny says people dealing with real properties in Taguig always make sure that the titles have adverse claims by the city of Makati.
If there is no such adverse claim, a doubt ensues on the authenticity of the title.
Manny says people feel more secure if the titles of properties in Fort Bonifacio have adverse claims by the city of Makati.
This means that the property is genuine.
It means the property is valuable.
It is coveted.
Weird, right?