Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alternative to Lex Libris?

Apparently there is an alternative, or better yet, a competitor to Lex Libris of CD Asia.
CD Asia Inc. is the reigning supplier of a comprehensive collection of Phlippine laws in compact discs.
Via subscription, CD Asia supplies Philippine case law (jurisprudence), statutes, ande other important legal documents.
These CD Asia items do not come cheap, a complkete subscrption could cost between P60,000 to P100,000, depending on the types of discs subscribed.
Its quite expensive.
Now here comes "e-library" in what appears to give CD Asia a run for its money.
During a legal seminar I was attending, brochures were distributed.
Essentially it provides a complete supply of Philippine case law, and statutes for a shocking price of only P3,000 each disc. If you buy the two, meaning jurisprudence and statutes, one can get a discount of P1,500, so the cost would only be P4,500.
The only problem with the distributors was that they were not ready for a demonstration.
With these kind of products, a demonstration is indispensable so customers will know its features and capabilities.
They promised to give a demo.
If this comes via subscription also, then it is a much cheaper alternative to Lex Libris.


Anonymous said...

there seems to be another alternative. check this out:

Jay Dejaresco said...

I'll check it out. Somtimes, I feel Lex Libris is expensive, don't you think? You have to pay subscription update every quarter

Anonymous said...

agree, its expensive. but the interface is easy to use, i can keep tracking which cases i've read in a side window. e-library uses an alt-tab shortcut to toggle between the case list and the actual case. it is also inconvenient to cut and paste because it insists on putting its brand on the pasted passages, which i think is dishonest because technically, the intellectual property actually belongs to the supreme court. it has no wrap around sentences after the search is done so you miss out on the context for keywords used. i'm not slamming it. its a great product and a great buy. i just think they should rethink the interface to use icons and make it more research-friendly. And i also hate having two disks (cd). they should sell a dvd edition.

Darwin Canete

cielo said...

hello, where can i buy the cds?

Anonymous said...

yeah, where can we buy the cds?