Monday, November 06, 2006

Jobless lawyers

Yesterday I met sposues Cathy and Bong, both lawyers.
It's been a while since I last saw the two.
I asked him about his government job. To my knoweldge he was an assistant secretary of a top governemnt agency.
I left, he said. I have been jobless since October, he added.
Bong volunteered: And so is my wife, she's gonna be jobless too.
I asked, "Why is that?"
Her boss, the Secretary of Naitonal Defense, Nonong Cruz just tendered his irrevocable resignation that day.
Cathy is also an assistant secretary of the DND.
Like her boss, she will stay on until the end of November.
Both are connected with "The Firm". I recall they were associates of the law firm after graduation.
When "The Firm's" political clout expanded when Gloria Arroyo ascended to power, many of the firm's lawyers invaded government.
Even during the early days of the Arroyo presidency, I was in the Executive House where the Executive Secretary held office. I saw familiar faces, lawyers of "The Firm" literally walking the corridors of power.
My law school classmate John was assistant to one of "The Firm's" partners who was appointed to a top government post.
When his boss resigned, John also left.
Indeed in politics, nothing's permanent.

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