Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Guns in court

I was in Cebu this morning to attend a hearing of one of the cases I am handling there.
What otherwise was another ordinary, boring court session for me turned colorful and interesting when one case called to testify a police officer who confiscated hot guns in Cebu City.
It was a criminal case of illegal possession of firearms.
During the hearing today, so many weapons were presented like Uzi machine gun, 38 caliber revolver, 45 caliber guns, among others.
I was a spectator to the proceedings, as our cases was yet to be called.
It gave me interest because of the variety of guns that were presented in court.
Fellow lawyers who were present were cautious, asking whether the guns were secured, and that there was no danger of the guns indiscriminately firing.
The guns looked rusty already, perhaps due to the long period that it was under custody of the authorities after having been confiscated.

This is not to criticize the presentation of this prosecution evidence, but I really think it was a funny sight to see these guns brought into the court room inside a grocery bag.
I felt it was funny.
I thought it should even have elicited a comment from the defense counsel for from the court.
What is that? Grocery stuff?
There was also no objection on the ground of "no basis".
It was immedately assumed that these were the guns confiscated from the raid.
It was not known to whom the guns were turned over after the confiscation.
It may have already been tainted evidence. These may not be the same guns.
Worse, the policeman witness kept on mumbling as if he wasn't sure of his answer.
Anyway I was enjoying the proceedings, taking a good look at the guns, taking pictures.

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