Friday, November 10, 2006

The Lost Horizon

While on our way to Balicasag in Panglao island, we found a place at the tip of Panglao island.
The place was called "The Lost Horizon," a cozy hotel by the beach at Alona.
It has a restaurant that serves italian food like spaghetti and pizza.
We had lunch and we discovered the other dishes they offered were delicious, like the kinilaw.
The Lost Horizon Hotel can be found at the place that serves as a jump off point for Balicasag.
That is why the beach is filled with motor bancas for rent, ready to take passengers to Balicasag island for a price of P1,600 return.
The Lost Horizon offers afforable accomodations.

There are rooms that are a bit expensive but, a group can avail of rooms as low as P1,600 par day.
This is good for group transients because the of the common toilet and showers.
But the private de luxe rooms can also go as high as P2,500 per night.
There is also a mini-bar where different kinds of drinks are available.
The rooms are with hot and cold shower, Dream cable t.v. It is a WiFi zone, serves western and asian cuisine.
There is a massage area. The massage bed directly faces the beach. While being massaged, one can enjoy the cool whispering breeze.
The area is frequented by foreigners who visit the place to dive, either scuba or snorkeling.
There are dive shops nearby, where all diving gears are available for rent.
It is easy to come to this place. From the airport there are different modes of transport i.e. tricycle, rent-a-vans, and taxis.
I asked a tricycle driver about the rates and he said that from the airport to the Lost horizon, the charge is P250.
Taxi fare, of course is more expensive.

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