Sunday, November 05, 2006

Harvesting Lanzones

The last quarter of every year is usually the seaon for Lanzones.
I visited my in-laws in Valencia where I was shown fully grown Lanzones bearing fruits for the first time.
It was also my first time to see how Lanzones grows and bear fruits.
In our excitement, we joined in harvesting Lanzones right in their backyard.
I didn't realize that just one Lanzones tree can bear so many fruits.
Lanzones trees don't grow tall, perhaps just about fifteen feet high.
The fruits are in groups. To harvest them would entail the use of a branch cutter and a ladder.
It was quite an experience harvesting fresh Lanzones right from the trees and eating them right away.
Lanzones thrive in the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental.
It would not be long when Valencia will be known as the land of Lanzones, to rival Camiguin.
Almost every home in Valencia, has Lanzones in their backyards.
Quite surprisingly this year though, only about ten percent of all Lanzones in the town bore fruits.
Residents attirbute this to change in climate conditions.
Fortunately for my in-laws, their Lanzones bore fruit for the first time.
Lanzones are being exported to nearby cities, and in the near future, it will be exported to bigger cities like Cebu and Manila. There are just too many Lanzaones trees grown in Valencia.
I learned that there are a number of varieties of Lanzones.
There is the Duko variety which tastes sweet. Noticeably, the edible part of the fruit sticks together when peeled.
There are other varieties like the seedless ones.
Hectares and hectares of land are being planted with Lanzones in Valencia.
It was part of a campaign by the local government upon realizing that the soil there is good for growing Lanzones, Rambutan and even Durian.

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