Monday, November 19, 2007

Roland Decker checks in

An old friend back in the radio days in Dumaguete , Roland Decker sent me an e-mail.
Roland Decker a former disc jocky in Dumaguete City, now based on Arizona is a jolly, always-smiling-if-not-laughing, amiable fellow, I distinctly remember.
He had a radio show over DYEM-FM Dumaguete on Sundays.
Here is his email:

hoy, kamusta jay...I don’t know if you still remember me..I was working for your father's radio station many moons ago..jay it's me si "Decks"
or Roland Decker alias "Big D" (radio name)....I use to do the Hasarrams radio program every sunday with people calling in to reqest and dedicate remember now..I was the "tisoy" with "choy leroy" as my sidekick....I see your doing very successfully with a prominent occapation.
I actually ran into your blog by accident, I was just checking out manang happening sa dumaguete, then "walla" your website came up. so I thought
I can drop you a hello, and whazz uppp!
well jay it's been a longtime since I vacated my dj position at dyem-fm, when I left in 88-89 I came here (u.s.) to join the us airforce,
instead I sign up for the us marines...I put in 8 years with assignments ranging from recon, extraction (going in combat zone and pull out combat units
that needed) and search and rescue..I married my high school sweetheart, she's from valencia, mga los banos, elopres, I have 2 great kids (jacob he's 16yr old and samantha my 12 yr old) currently nga reside ug traboho ko dinhi sa tucson arizona..I work as a paramedic for a number of years this can be a thankless job sometimes jay....pulling people out from burning buildings, houses, severe traffic accidents and with this job is breaking in the bad news to people about their love ones, family members, not making it (died) from an accident or some physical trauma (cardiac arrest, drowning). this
part of the job I hate..
then as a person I pray everyday when I'm going to work or even at work that these emergency units at the end of an 18 or 24 hour shift that we all go home to our family safe and well. after the 9-11 disaster it can be an erier feeling sometimes when a call comes thru..whether it's fire or accident..listen jay I know your probably busy but if you can drop me a line or two say hello to choy gallyarde, mario opena, also your dad (ely) take care my young friend and good luck in all your endeavor.

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