Monday, November 05, 2007

Ghost stories

Last Halloween we were gathered around a dinner table, cousins, uncles, and aunts.
We talked about the favorite topic on Halloween---ghost stories.
For me, my Tito Bingo's true-to-life experience was the scariest.
He worked as an executive of a bank in Makati years ago.
His (temporary) office was in a building in the vicinity of Kalayaan Avenue, Makati.
One Saturday, he went to the office to work.
After work he went to the basement parking.
He was surprised when he noticed that his car had been transferred to another parking spot in the basement.
His driver was not in the basement so he called for him and inquired whether the driver transferred the car to another parking spot.
The driver himself was surprised that the car was transferred.
The key was with the driver all along.
They gave the bizzare incident little thought and just went home.
The following day, early in the morning at around 5:30 a.m. my tito Bingo drove the car for a jogging session.
When he was about to turn to a main road he glanced at the rear view mirror.
He swore he saw the image of a lady in white, long hair, who sported the scariest face.
He was stunned. He froze. He halted the vehicle.
Then slowly, he opened the door of the car, and went outside.
He went to the back of the car and tried to analyze, what he had just seen.
He saw no one inside the car.
We asked him whether the image he saw was seated in back of the car.
He said he won't claim one hundred percent that the image he saw was at the back seat.
He said he tried to to imagine and think that the image could have been of a woman who was walking behind the car, but he thought, it's 5:30 a.m. and there's no one walking on the street.
When he reported back to the office he asked the building guards whether there have been things happening in the building.
It was only that time that the guards confirmed that the building was the venue of two female deaths.
One was killed and the other committed suicide.
The guards said naturally they do not volunteer such kinds of stories for fear the building would run out of tenants.
But yes, the guards confirmed that strange things happen in the building.
Happy (post) Halloween...

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