Saturday, November 17, 2007

Law school reunion

Time has flown so fast.
We realized it's been ten years since graduation from law school.
So some classmates thought of gathering those who are based in Manila for a dinner at Greenbelt last Friday.
It was a reunion of members of Section B of class 1997.
It was a way not only to touch base with former classmates, but to update the whereabouts of others, many of whom have crossed borders and settled elsewhere.
One, according to Bong Montesa has relocated in N. America, where is he now both happy and gay.
One update that struck me was that those who had been married during our student days, are already single. That is just after ten years.
So the average span of married life, is about ten years after law school?
At least that was the outcome, based on expereience of our classmates.
Who were there?
There was Anna Bautista, Roselle Tenefrancia, dubbed as the Swing Out Spinsters.
There was Jiggs Paraiso, who expressed some exasperateration after ten gruelling years of litigation.
Bong Montesa, the perrenial joker, after a stint with the Department of Education, is setting his eye in politics.
Jomar Castillo, is into labor law.
Boyet Del Prado has just gotten a presidenital appointed to the Inter Country Adoption Board.
Voltz Enriquez is busy tightening Quezon City's grip over the ownership Boracay Mansion.
Marlo Magdoza, has just arrived from a study leave in London, and has begun warming her bench as presiding judge of MeTC Manila.
Jason Natividad said is happy with Mimi Factoran's Dad.
It's a two member firm.
Bong suggested in jest that Jason petition to change his name from Natividad to "Associates" so that they can re-name their law firm to "Fatoran and Associates."
Edward Maceda is councilor of Manila and still has to confirm whether to upgrade the airconditioning of Marlo's sala.
Andrew Isip is into banking law and litigation. We constantly see each other in the sala of that pretty RTC judge.
As for Mimi Factoran, I don't exactly know no where is connected, after leaving both Ayala Land and her husband.
As for Diday Moya, she was late as usual.

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