Monday, November 12, 2007


I have received a couple of Airborne tablets from friends from the U.S.
Airborne are those popular tablet "effervescent health formula" which is mainly desgned to ward off possible viral attacks like the common cold, and boost the immune system.
I don't know I could buy them in local drugstores here.
But friends and relatives who ask me what I would like to have from the U.S. I always ask for Airborne.
I was given Airborne recently by cousin Kathlyn and tita Kathy.
Actually, the Airborne I got from my aunt was not actually for me.
Tita Kathy brought it for her own use while in the Philippines, but she gave it out.
The other day, a friend came back from the U.S. for the vacation and brought Airborne.
The Airborne package states that it was invented by a school teacher, named Victoria Knight McDowell.
According to the box or package: Take Airborne to boost your immune system. A healthy immune system helps your body fight germs. Take before entering crowded environments, like airplanes, offices, schools.
For me, I take Airborne when I notice that I could probably catch colds.
Just before I "invite" colds to my body, I take Airborne.
Believe it or not, it has been a very effective deterrent for colds, in my case.
But Airborne won't be effective if you have the colds already.
Airborne comes in many flavors, but my favorites are lemon lime and zesty orange.
You just drop one tablet in a cup of either hot or cold water.
Allow about a minute or two for the tablet to dissolve, and just drink the water thereafter.
I do not take it everyday, just when I feel the common cold is hovering around me.
I am not endorsing this product to anyone.
Better get read some reading about it before taking it.

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