Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catholic Church policy on suicide

I don't undertstand this policy of the Roman Catholic church on suicide.
I read in the Philipine Daily Inquirer a story abouth a priest having a dilemma on whether or not to grant final church rites upon the body of a twelve-year old who committed suicide.
I think that with this kind policy, the Catholic Church is making a pre-judgment on a person or his or her soul.
This prerogative of making pre-judgments does not belong to the Church.
In our criminal laws, a person who attempts at suicide has no liability.
Of course if his suicide is successful there is absolutely no liability because the person who committed suicide is already dead.
Our criminal laws punish those persons who give assistance to suicide.
It is punishable under Article 253 of the revised penal code.
Any person who shall assist another to commit suicide is liable.
If such person lends his assistance to another to the extent of doing the killing himself, such person is liable.
Even if the suicide is not consummated the person giving the assistance is still liable.
But the Roman Catholic Church, with its policy of not giving appropriate rites upon the body of a person who committed suicide, is penalizing the surviving relatives for an unfortunate circumstance they were not responsible for.
I think the remains of the 12-year old who committed suicide must be accorded the proper final ceremonies.
That's the least the Roman Catholic Church can do to the child.

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