Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Erap for President (again)?

So-called presidentiables have begun surfacing this early obviously training their guns at the 2010 presidential derby.
The early birds who have waged a virtual launching of their presidential bids are Mar Roxas, who has been elected as President of one of the oldest political parties, the Liberal Party.
The other who staged a “soft launching” was Manuel Villar, Senator President and head of the Nacionalista Party.
Villar waged a media blitz by posting 30-second spots on radio, the message of which I could not even understand.
I think I heard him extolling the Nacionalista party in his radio ads.
There is a saying that the early catches the early worm.
These presidential wannabes have apparently taken this adage to heart.
However, I believe that there is a wild card in the race for the 2010 presidency
I am referring to former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada, who just might decide to make a comeback and take a crack at the presidency again.
If he does this, I believe, Erap will give both Roxas, and Villar and the rest of the ambitious politicos a run for their money.
Erap remains a credible threat to anyone aiming for the presidency.
Erap’s charisma is as strong as ever.
And Erap’s has this burning passion to prove to all and sundry that even if he was convicted by the courts, the Filipino people have absolved him.
And there is no better way to validate this than votes cast during the presidential elections.
Remember, Erap posted the highest number of votes cast ever for a presidential candidate during the 1998 elections.
And to think he was not an administration party candidate, but an opposition standard bearer, against Jose De Venecia.
For me there is no question, if Erap decides to take a crack at the presidency, he would be the man to beat.
But this is speculative at this point.
There are stumbling blocks ahead in Erap’s the quest for the presidency the second time around.
First, Erap is the beneficiary of a presidential act of grace called pardon.
This pardon can be revoked by the president.
While the president has restored Erap’s civil and political rights, the President can take this back.
Second, of course is the constitutional question as to whether or not Erap, who had been elected, and succeeded to the presidency once, and served briefly as such, is qualified for election as President in 2010.
I think there are sufficient reasons to say that constitutionally, Erap is still qualified for election as President in 2010.
This should raise a good and interesting discussion.


Kevin Ray said...

[...]The Liberal Party is carrying the slogan "ORAS NA!", which I think is the prelude campaign slogan to bring back the old glory of the party in the upcoming 2010 elections and place a Liberal in MalacaƱang. I was also able to met my fellow Mar Roxas for President in 2010 blogger Peter LaviƱa in the event. I was also able to talk with Senator Roxas and called me as his "inspiration." Wow! That was a great compliment from my idol! I said that it was a stressful day for me, but the event was worth remembering.[...]

Check out http://marroxas2010.blogspot.com

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Jay Dejaresco said...

I would think more than regaining the lost glory of an old party, the slogan "Oras Na" was deliberately crafted to rhyme with the slogan "Oras Na ni Roxas". I have nothing against your idol Mar Roxas.
The problem with Mar is that he launched himself too early. Since he is at it, can you please ask Kuya Mar how many of his Liberal Party-mate-congressmen received P500,000 from Ate Glo? And who are these Liberal partymate-congressmen? Maybe Mar should first do some "House"-cleaning because he might be carrying unwanted luggges in the upcoming elections.