Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Off-road vehicles

I flew to Dumaguete recently for a professional engagement.
I was surprised when I arrived at my parents' home when there were huge, skeletal jeeps parked in front.
I realized these were off-road vehicles that were tmeporarily parked and were on their way for an off-road activity.
I was told that there is now a venue for off-road vehicles.
I was more surprised to hear that this is quite an expensive hobby.
One of the young owners of one of the jeeps I asked said that his vehicle already cost him more than one million pesos.
Off road jeeps are a combination of different parts to enable it to traverse difficult off road tracks.
I was also told that in order to even own one off-road jeep, it would cost at least three hundred thousand pesos.
What an expensive hobby!
This does not include the costs of maintenance, and perhaps re-modelling and improving these vehicles.
But the jeeps looked cool and rugged, I must admit.
Huge tires, elevated chassis, almost open air on all sides.
I couldn't afford this hobby.
So I contented myself by just taking pictures.

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