Thursday, November 20, 2008


Take a breather when you're in Negros Oriental.
I would recommend you come visit Bahura.
It is a resort by the sea, in the town of Dauin, less than twenty kilometers south of Dumaguete City.
Not long ago, my parents treated us to a stay in Bahura.
It's got the larget outdoor swimming pool in the province.
I found Bahura relaxing.
You would likely notice the cool gush of the soft, morning breeze that touches the skin of your face.
In Bahura you would also notice the abounding coconut tress that are left undisturbed, which contributes to that naturally cool wind.
Bahura completes the laid-back life that you experience while in Dumaguete.
Bahura, I recall, offers a buffet lunch.
My son Josh specially enjoyed night swimming in their pool with cousins.
Bahura's got spacious rooms. There was one large bed, I think bigger than the king sized bed, plus there were other smalled beds. I think it was a family room we stayed in.
Bahura is the place if you desire your vacation to be private, and quiet.
There are times you feel you just don't want to be distubed, away from work.
Bahura would be a nice place to hang out.

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