Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have a strong feeling I'ved been duped by a car repair shop.
About two weeks ago, or November 13, 2008 to be precise, I had the break pads of my vehicle replaced, by a near-by car repair shop.
It was sort of urgent as it involved car breaks so I decided to immediately have it repair at a nearby car re pair shop.
I have permanent car-maintenance shop in Evangelista owned by my friend.
The changing of the break pads total cost amounted to P4,025.
When I made a test drive, I noticed an unaffiliated sound in the front.
I notified the owner-manager of the car repair shop who told me to bring back the vehicle.
Two days after the repair, on NOvember 15, 2008, I left it in the car shop as I had other professional engagements that day.
I called the car repair manager for an update, and he told me that the sound did not emanate from the break, or did not arise from the repairs in the vehicle break facilities.
When I went to the car repair shop I was handed a "job estimate" to repair the alien sound in the front of the vehicle.
The job estimate cost P4,870.
I did not proceed with the job repair.
I did not use the vehicle until seven days after.
I used the vehicle on the sevenths, eighth and eleventh day or on November 26, 2008.
On the seventh day from the last check up with the car repair shop, I already noticed the vehicle to be "dancing" while driven.
On November 26, 2008 I discovered the front right tire was abruptly shaven on the outer portion.
It displayed the symptoms of a disaligned vehicle.
I have strong suspicions of foul play.
I immeidately called up my friend from my "in-house" car repair shop.
My friend share the same suspicions.
They are going to undertake an inspection and compare it with the items in the "job estimate".
They said they can determine whether something was done to the vehicle.
My permanent car repair shop also said they have a record of the previous maintenance of my vehicle.
This should merit a legal action.

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