Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mines View Park Today

We recently took the weekend off and motored 280 kilometers to Baguio City.
My wife Ruby, Josh, and I didn't realize it's been five years since we last visited the country's coolest city.
Baguio's cool, literally and figuratively.
In grade school, Baguio's taught as the "summer capital of the Philippines."
It's called Pine City because of the countless pine trees that litter accross the slopes of the Baguio mountains that contribute to that chilly atmosphere.
One of the places we re-visited was Mines View Park.
This is the place on a mountaintop where spectators can take a panoramic and breath-taking view of the mountains and the valleys that make Baguio alluring to both foreign and domestic tourists.
What were the news things we saw in Baguio?
There's that new SM mall that sits on a pedestal on an elevated plain.
It's the first time we went to that enormous "mall on a mountain".
What's new at Mines View?
Well, we noticed a greater number of Asian tourists (Koreans, Chinese?), and a growing number of stalls in the area.
Below is a video of what Mines View Park looks on a typical day.

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