Friday, November 28, 2008

Manila Penn siege--- one year ago

It was one year ago today that Senator Antonio Trillanes led the siege of the Manila Penninsula at hte heart of Makati City.
It began with Trillanes walking out of his hearing at the Makati court of Judge Oscar Pimentel at at the 33rd floor.
He was supposedlly fetched by armed sympathizers, who were able to bring their guns to the courts despite tight security.
Co-incidentally I was at the Makati court at that time for a hearing.
With my cellphone camera, I was able to take video shots of as the drama unravelled.
Little did I know that while I was recording, Trillanes was already at the elevator going down.
If you notice the video there was shouting from where the elevagtors were located.
I was standing in front of the court of Judge Pimentel.
Below is that video.

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