Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If your celphone is stolen, have it blocked

Celphone has become one of the coveted targets for stealing and snatching.
According to one observer, cellphones have become hot targets because nowadays, unlike a kiss, a celphone is not just a celphone.
A cellphone now has digital camera, digital video, MP3, internet facility, and other fancy accessories.
What should you do when somebody steals your cellphone?
Have the cellpone blocked by the NTC.
Cellphone blocking render the cellphone unusable.
When blocked, a cellpphone becomes useless.
Besides, then the cellpphone is sold by the one who stole it, there will be trouble when the cellphone isblocked.
What do you do when your cellphone is stolen?
You report it to the National Telecommunications Commission.
It is quite easy to have a cellphone blocked.
The NTC has prepared a pro-forma affidavit which will be deemed the formal request for blocking.
You just fill in the blanks.
The form of the affdavit is available at the NTC website www.ntc.gov.ph.
Generally required are you identification, proof of ownership or police report, among others.
Where do you file it?
At any NTC office whether the national office in Quezon City, any of the regional offices, or the NTC sattelite offices.
Better still, you can fax the form and other required documentary attachments to the NTC offices in Quezon City at (02) 924-3736.
Within one week from filing, the cellphone will be rendered unusable.

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