Monday, January 07, 2008

Scary comic relief

Something scary happened last night which happily ended with everyone laughing.
We had dinner at Dampa Libis to celebrate the birthday of Tito Bingo.
It was also, in Tito Bingo's words, a time to formally end the Christmas celebration.
Tito Peter and son DJ are also in Manila, so it was a continuation of the annual reunion of sort, which began in Tagbilaran City.
Besides, Tito Bingo and children, and Tita Mamel were not able to come home to Tagbilaran during the holidays.
While we were having dinner, Tito Peter showed both his palm, which according to him suddenly turned blue just in the last hour.
It really was blue and immediately, in the minds of those in the dinner table, it looked liked blood in his hands that just stopped circulating.
When Tital Mamel and Tito Gerald arrived with their kids, she was immeidatley shown Tito Peter's palm-turned-blue.
It was apparent that the doctor looked worried, specially when told that it started just at the tip of Tito Peter's fingers and spread throughout both his palms over the last hour.
So the dinner didn't last long, we sped to Makati Medical Center which was more than ten kilometers away.
I was driving.
In the car were Ruby, my wife, sone Joshua Tito Peter, son DJ and Tita Mamel.
It became a tense twenty-minute ride to the hospital.
Everyone was quiet in the car. Words spoken were in whispers.
It was Sunday evening so the traffic was light.
Upon arrival, at the emergency section, Tito Peter and Tita Mamel immediately rushed to the emergency section of MMC.
I followed them both and I saw Tito Peter sitting on a wheelchair.
I went inside, and listened as the frontline emergency doctor and nurses made initial observations on both blue palms of Tito Peter.
Those moments must've been heart-pumping, as no one knew what was really Tito Peter's condition.
One of the nurses, apparently puzzled on the medical situation, got a piece of cotton, and slowly rubbed it on Tito Peter's right palm.
Then we saw the cotton turning blue.
The nurse got what looked like a small paper-thin cloth and rubbed it again on one of Tito Peter's blue-colored fingers.
"This looks like ink,"the nurse said.
The blue color on Tito Peters palm transfered onto the cotton and the cloth.
When it was confirmed that it was a non-medical situation, Tito Peter immediately sprung, got up from the wheel chair, and went straight to the comfort room and washed off the blue stains on his hands.
It was a comic relief for everyone, inclding the attending nurse and physician.
The phycisian told Tito Peter, "If you still want to proceed with the examination, you just might be wasting money."
We were all laughing going out ofthe emergency section.

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