Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dumaguetena loves Arnel Pineda

A Dumaguetena , '4everursarnel,' now residing in Canada reacts to the blog on Arnel Pineda:

hi, i have a feeling ur from dumaguete.
i am a true dumaguetena who now resides in canada. anyway, i enjoyed reading your blog.
i have been one of those who stalked anything about arnel on cyberspace since he became journye's lead vocals.
his video clips never fail to charm me and i dont call it a day wihtout a dose of it. some people just cannot take the fact that steve perry is no longer coming back and that with arnel, the hardcore journey fans in my opinion are threatened that journey finally had the 'right deal' after several attempts to find a replacement close to perry.
i dont expect him to be steve perry because arnel will be arnel. and i love him for the kind of voice he possess--raspy and deep and that his ability to sing a cover from the beatles to led zep, from john farham to heart shows his versatility as a singer.

Jay's reaction:
Go Arnel!
And yes, ma'am I grew up in Dumaguete.
Basta, no disrespect meant, in my musically-unschooled opinion, Arnel Pineda sings "Faithfully" better than Steve Perry. Arnel injected that raspy ingredient which made a lot of difference.

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