Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coca Cola painting the town red

The second portion of Leo Mamicpic's email is his observation that Coca Cola is painting the town red.
Here is the second portionof Leo's email:

"Has anyone noticed what's been happening to our city recently? Notice the occurrence of red paint all over town? May I ask if our city officials are aware of this, especially our Tourism Council who should me mindful of how we project Dumaguete's Image? Is Coca-Cola this INSENSITIVE? Am attaching photographs. If you all think this is OK, then God Help Dumaguete City.

I'll make this plea to Gov. Dodo Macias: Since you're able to ban smoking, drinking, etc at Sidlakang Negros and since Dumaguete is the capital of the province you are strongly promoting with a better image, perhaps you can do something about banning Coca-Cola from painting our town red (no pun intended)."

Leo Mamicpic
Brgy Bantayan, Dumaguete City


ADumlao said...

I looked at the 2 photos and find the COKE Ads as "eye sores" that affect the "character" of the city.They should not be allowed to "litter" the beautiful city that I once knew and fell in love with when I was a student in Silliman in the late 60s.Companies should have specified places to put their advertisements, that would be a great thing to impose, by the city council.


Please inform me how much did Coca-Cola pay the city Council to get a permit in creating this"eyesore"? This is an insult to the intelligence of the "gentle people of Dumaguete" conveys the message that they have a one track mind of drinking exclusively...coca-cola...what happened to C2 Pepsi,calamansi,tea, taho etc? If Coke has alot of money to burn - why not pay the school children to paint a mural over these signs?
I am not a resident of Dumaguete..but I remain loyal to Silliman and love Dumaguete City!
dinah penaflorida

Kareen Ann said...

Insulting?! Insulting to whom?! The Coca-cola Ads is insulting? yes it is to those who wants money but sad to say Coca-cola is not like that! Before u point the finger's to Coca-cola manalamin kau! Coca-cola have been there for the poor people, may Red School sila for the very poor and hard to reach area...mga Corporate Social responsibility sila... kaya bago kau mag salita kala mo kung sinong malinis na nagtuturo sa companya na yan...tingnan nyo ang Local officials nyo! Bakit ang ibang beverage company wala bang ginagawang ganyan! ang Kapal ng Mukha nyo.

Kareen Ann said...

Before i go..By the way, Meron din silang ADAPT A SCHOOL program...founder Coca-cola...if my reply will not be posted then my impression sa mga taga Dumaguete City is wrong....

Anonymous said...

oo nga. ang duming tingnan na ng dumaguete city. naii rita na ako sa nga pulang pintura ng coke na yan. i know that they have projects for the people and have helped a lot but that doesnot make justice for what they are doing in dumaguete. painting it red. very eye irritating. ano ba yan coke.