Monday, January 28, 2008

Daddy demanding support from own child

Let's talk about "Support" in our Family Code.
Under the Family law, support comprises everything indispensable for (1) sustenance, (2) dwelling, (2) clothing, (3) medical attendance, (4) education and (5) transportation.
In short, support is to be given to a family member when it is needed for continued existence.
It is normal that minor children, specially when they are still in school, have to be accorded support by parents.
It is not also abnormal that a parent seeks support from his children, specially when he is already old, and has no means of getting income for his food and continued existence.
What is abnormal, though, is when a parent, who is exercising a profession, earning income, in the fit of health, demands support from his own children.
There is a story about a former high ranking city official, who, while engaging in his private profession, filed a complaint against his own child. Daddy is demanding that he be supported by his own child.
The child, I heard from the grapevine, is very suspicious as to why the daddy, who has a profession of his own, is earning income, as able-bodied (baskug), and is a good provider, is demanding support.
The child strongly suspects that the father filed a complaint seeking support in order to help maintain his “chiquiting”. Daddy is Mr. Valentino.
That is why the child resisted giving extra money to daddy.
The internal parent-child squabble has jumped out of the domestic window and has turned into a pending case where daddy is the complainant for Support pendente lite, while the child is respondent.
Support pendente lite means daddy is asking that support be given "while the case is pending."
Ikaw giyud daddy... sobra na pod nang imo...
The presiding officer handling the complaint is bewildered.
I think daddy "groovy", the former city official, has a distorted understanding of the concept of Support in our law.
Daddy ought to be reminded that support is demandable only for things which are indispensable for sustenance and continued existence, not for maintenance of extra-curricular activities.
According to a report I got, in one proceeding, the child reportedly complained that daddy is maintaining a young lady whose age is not far from that of the child.
The complaining daddy reportedly retorted, slyly: “Alang-alang manguyab ta ug tigulang.”
Guess who the daddy "groovy" is?

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