Friday, January 11, 2008

How to get to the sandbar

Someone sent an email to inquire hot to get to the sandbars.

“Hi, I am planning to visit Dumaguete soon and Manjuyod Sand Bar is one of the places I want to go to once I get to Dumaguete. I have several questions regarding going to Bais and Manjuyod, I hope you don't mind answering them. :)1) Are there trip schedules for Bais-Dumaguete? Di po ba kami mahihirapan makabalik ng Dumaguete if we leave Manjuyod at 3pm?2) How much is the rental fee for local boats that will charter us to Manjuyod? Di po ba mahirap kumuha ng boat from the minidocking area?Thanks.Gene”

Hi Gene.

To your first question, the answer is yes.
I might suggest that you arrange with the rent-a-van to pick you up at the sandbar at 3 p.m. That’s the most convenient, although you have to pay higher for this arrangement.
If not, buses ply from Bais to Dumaguete at 3 p.m., even later.
Whoever takes you to the dock, make arrangements with the driver to fetch you in going back. That would be safest I suppose.

I am not sure I got your second question right.
If you are seeking to charter a boat from Dumaguete to Manjuyod, that’s expensive. The travel time is two hours. Not practical. We did that once before.
The usual practice is to charter a small motor boat from Manjuyod or Bais to the sandbars. You take the land trip from Dumaguete to Bais or Manjyod.
The last time I inquired, the rates were P2,500 per trip. That motor boat emanates from Bais (not Dumaguete)
Perhaps the rates have increased a bit.
The telephone number of the Negros Oriental provincial tourism office is (035) 225-1825.

Better, the Bais Tourism Council telephone numbers are (035) 402-6629 or (035)541-5161. They can answer your querries also.

I’ll inquire, and get back to you soonest.

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