Thursday, January 10, 2008

Comments via email

I received a rather lengthy, yet substantive email from friend Leo Mamicpic which I would like to treat in my blog.
I will divide his email into two general comments which he titles: "Dumaguete's image".
First Leo comments about the Sidlakang Negros, a pet tourism project of Governor Dodo Macias.
The Sidlakang Negros, in case you haven't heard is a booth-type presentation of the rich resources and culture of Negros Oriental located along E.J. Blanco Drive Piapi Dumaguete City.
By the way, the other tourism project boosted by Gov Macias, the Lake Balanan in Siaton received a black eye in terms of "image" with the death of a tourist who drowned in the lake on New Year's day.
That Lake Balanan should emphaize safety first, before pleasure.
Anyway, Leo appreciates this Sidlakan project, as well as the no-smoking policy adopted with the Sidlakan premises.
The second topic is Leo's comment about a private corporation Coca-Cola (I really don't know Coca-Cola's corporate name--Coca Cola Bottlers Philipines Corp.?--, just the trade name) painting the town red.
Let me therefore chop Leo Mamicpic's email into two.
Here is the first portion of Leo Mamicpic's email:
"I applaud Gov. Dodo Macias for creating a permanent site that's aptly called SIDLAKANG NEGROS. I applaud him even more for banning smoking, drinking and immoral behavior in the site premises. I would like to suggest to Dodo that commercial banners/streamers be not allowed in the booth/display and promenade areas. I saw a big Globe kiosk near the entrance one morning and it was very distracting and did not fit into what Sidlakang Negros was all about. I would also suggest that he also ban karaoke singing. I happened to be revisiting the site one morning only to be met with this loud music with a singer who was very 'yabag' trying to belt out a tune. I asked nearby booths how they felt about it and they said, 'samok kaayo'; 'maglisud mi ug istorya kay halos di mi magkadunog, unya maka-ulaw kaayo labi na ug dunay mga bisita nga may pangutana o mangayo ug informacion.'; 'dili gyud na angay dinhi sa sidlakan.' I felt the same way so I went to the 'karaoke' booth and politely asked them to stop because it was too loud, yabag and inappropriate for the venue. Fortunately they complied. I'ts okay for each booth to feature their own music (perhaps some Pinoy songs and preferrably the visayan ones) but the volume must be enough to serve the booth and not filter out to other booths or in the pormenade. A suggestion to all booth managers: Please do not make the refrigator/cooler the centerpiece of your display. Try to make it inconspicuous like one booth did. Showcase your town products and not the refrigerator.

I can't wait to see the completion of Sidlakang Negros and enjoy walking the pathways and admiring the various art and craft from each participating Oriental Negros town.

SIDLAKANG NEGROS is a BIG BOOST to Dumaguete's Image.. BUT...."

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