Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vigilante killings as tourist attraction: Why not?

Vigilante extrajudicial killings in Dumaguete City are unabated.
Local officials seem helpless in purging this lawlessness.
Some Dumaguetenos even welcome this brand of instant justice.
So why not make vigilante extrajudicial killings a tourist attraction for the city?
This should be a highly potential tourist attraction.
I undertand local tourism movers are cracking their heads trying to determine what Dumaguete City can offer, something that is unique.
Imagine, the rest of the civilized world are advocating for respect for human rights and observance of due process.
But here is a city that is experiencing executions of presumed guilty criminals in the streets.
This should be something interesting for the people coming from all corners of the globe.
Local tourism promoters should invite visitors to witness how viginlantism and extrajudicial killings are being done.
Tourism promoters should print posters and sell Dumaguete as a "Land of Vigilante Killings" or the "Vigilante capital of the Philippines".
Local officials apparently are playing a blind eye to this spate of lawlessness, and have offered no solution.
It also seems there is a certain degree of public apathy to this brazen criminality.
So why not make money out of it?
According to reports, vigilantes, identifying themselves as "The Equalizers" are executing supossedly known drug personalities.
They have vowed to wipe out these illegal drug pushers.
The "Equalizers", not the courts, decide who to convict and who to kill.
But what would happen if all drug pushers in the city are exeterminated without the benefit of a trial? Will this spell the end of "vigilante tourism"?
No so.
The vigilantes can be requested to shift their targets to currupt public officials.
Surely, they will not run out of targets.
Seriously, as a Dumageuteno, seeing unstoppable vigilante killings in the city of gentle people, local officials making themselves appear as hopeless, a public that seemingly just shrug their shoulders....
Good Lord.
I just shake my head.

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Corey said...

I read an article recently that expressed the supposed aims of this vigilante group in Dumaguete. Specifically, they want to restore the city's tarnished image. After reading this I can't help but wonder: "Aren't they the ones who have largely contributed to this tarnished image in the first place?"

It is a trying time for all Dumaguetenos as you attempt to grasp this unfamiliar environment of needless blood-spilling. I do hope this is a random spike of violence brought about by the chance convergence of several factors that will soon dissipate, as opposed to a sustained brutality that foretells a new way of life and a sobering reality. All I know is that it doesn't have to continue like this. Dumaguete does not have to lose its image as an oasis of Gentle People because of a season of madness perpetrated by a small band of self-proclaimed emancipators. At the same time, while these vigilantes may silence their weapons the haunting cries of a young nursing student robbed of her life for a few pesos will not soon go away. The "Roving Vigilantes" did nothing to prevent this tragedy. Who do they think they are really helping?

My prayers go with you all as you share these burdens with each other. May you find His solace in the midst of a bitter and sinful world.