Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kuwentong barbero

We just came from my barber, Judel. He has been our barber for more than five years already.
For me and my son, he is the best hair trimmer.
I've had only two main stay barbers all my life.
In Dumaguete City, my barber was Junior Sering, of Piapi. He belongs to a family of barbers, starting with his father. His siblings also earn their living in the barber shop.
When I came to Manila, naturally I had to look for another main stay to regularly trim my hair.
I am used to maintaining only a single barber. For me, a barber's services are personal. I cannot just have a hair cut by just anybody.
Judel may not be the best barber. But he knows very well how to maintain my hair.
Ever since I transferred to Manila, I sport a short hair, almost semi crew cut. It is for practical purposes.
I don't want to keep on combing my hair.
Having short hair means saving a lot of grooming time.
Anyway, Judel my barber charges the barber's rate at only P70. I pay a hundred pesos (US$2) including the tip.
This is quite cheap, compared to the others, specially the gay hair stylists.
I don't go to gay hair cutters because they're sophisticated and ritualistic. I just want a simple hair cut. That is what I am used to.
One thing I like about Judel is that he does not impose, unlike many of those in hair salons who think they know better, without finding out their client's need and preference.
Sadly though, Judel is just waiting for his travel papers.
He married an American citizen who was his province mate in Pampanga. They married here and have sired a child.
So pretty soon he will be off to Nevada where he will join his wife who works in a casino.
Barbers in America are expensive. When I was there, the charge was $10 or P500 per hair cut.
What a differrence.
Aside from hair trimming, Judel also does massage. It would be easier for him to get a life there in America I'm sure.
My son and I soon would have to look for another personal hair caretaker. That wouldn't be so easy.
But that's life.

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