Friday, October 13, 2006

The Luge

Something's new and cooking at Sentosa Island.
Its the Luge and the Skyride.
Sentosa Island is singapore's prime tourist destination. It is an island south of Singapore where literally bus loads of tourists flock each day. There are many sites to see.
But the newest attaction is the Luge. By paying S$5, one can ride and drive a one a scooter-type (sitting position) and roll down the slopes of the island for more than five minutes.
In going back up, one takes the skyride. So both rides complement each other.
Their marketing prop is: "Once is never enough!" You really want to ride over and over again.
Sentosa island is the venue of hte underwater world, and cable car, and the rotating platform that allows visitors to get a bird's eye-view of Sinagpore.

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