Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ice Kachang

We savored Singapore's version of our halo-halo.
If the Philippines has the halo-halo, Singapore has their Ice Kachang.
It comes in many varieties or flavors, but with basic ingredients.
Ice Kachang is made up of finely crushed ice with different kinds of fruits, more or less the same kind which are placed in our halo-halo.
It also has syrup and milk.
The fruits are placed first on the bowl before it is covered with a mountain of crushed ice. The colored syrup then is poured on the several portions of the slopes of ice.
The last is the mango topping poured at the top of the heap of ice which slides down to the foot of the mountain of ice.
You can order a variety of toppings like mango topping or corn toppings, among others.
The ice kachang with mango topping, which is poured after all the ingredients are in place already, was most delicious.
Ice kachang costs S$2.20 or a little less than Php70. The cost rises a little depending on the toppings chosen.

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