Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some questions for The Equalizers

As I am listing some questions, the vigilantes in Dumaguete City have reportedly vowed they will wipe out all drug pushers in the city.
I am just curious about this style of dispensing justice. I don't know much about its philosophy.
And since these vigilantes have maintained communication links with local officals like the city mayor and reportedly the governor (I heard they're text-mates), I hope The Equalizers will also take time to answer these sincere questions (mainly on their operational aspects) by an ordinary Dumagueteno:

01. How do you choose your targets for extrajudicial killings? What is your basis in choosing your targets?
02. What is the process of selection (of targets) that you follow?
03. Do you target peddlers of all kinds of illegal drugs, or sellers of only a specific type of illegal drugs?
04. Are sellers of shabu your only targets? What about sellers of marijuana? What about sellers of high-end drugs like Ecstasy?
05 Do you also target owners and operators of pharmacies or drug stores illegally selling (under the table, below the counter) regulated drugs like expectorants, Rubitusin, etc?
06. Do you also target sellers of herione or coccaine being marketed to the wealthier breed of drug users?
07. Do you intend to compensate those innocent civilians who are inadvertently hit by your operations, or do you regard them as collateral damage?
08. Why did you choose "drug pushers" as your targets?
09. Do you intend to strike also at perpetrators of other types of crimes like smugglers, currupt government officials, tax evaders, and other white-collar criminals?
10. Which of the different "drug pushers" are your targets, the big-time wholesaler or the petty retailers or resellers? Or do you distinguish?
11.Have you killed any big-time wholesaler of shabu? (If you kill these big-time wholesalers who are the source, you will spare the lives of these petty retailers. It will save you a lot of bullets and other expenses, don't you think?)
12. Who is financing your operations?
13. Are you sure your backers are not rival big-time drug pushers who just want to take over the territory? Or who will just later fill the void that you created?
I hope we can be enlightened with answers to these questions. Vigilantism is something new for many of our people, including myself.
Perhaps if the public is enlightened, they might just support House Speaker Jose De Venecia's campiagn to revise the Constitution, and repeal the due process, and the presumption-of-innocence clauses in our constitution.
Or we might just repeal the entire bill of rights.
Who knows?

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