Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is on Neri's mind?

Many are puzzled why Romulo Neri refuses to "choose the light," and instead continues to align himself with the "dark side".
Neri is known to be incorruptible.
Other see him as an upright person.
But he, with the assistance of the powers in government, seems to be moving heaven and earth in order evade testifying in the Senate, unlike what his friend Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada did.
At this point, many people think Neri is the final nail that will seal the coffin of the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo government.
It is in Neri's lips where the Filipino people will know what the President had told him, or instructed him, that paved the way for the signing of the scandalous multi-million dollar ZTE loan last year in China.
For me, what I really want to know from Romulo Neri is: What was that million-dollar factor that changed the NBN project from Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T.) scheme to a China loan?
Only the President (not Abalos) has that power to convert a B.O.T. (National Broadband Network) project into a loan monumentally onerous to the Filipino people.
Neri continues to refuse to reveal his conversations with the President, and instead invokes executive privilege.
Executive privilege was what former U.S. President Richard Nixon unsuccessfully invoked when he tried to cover-up the infamous Watergate scandal that led to the downfall of his administration.
But there is now a written piece, arributed to Jun Lozada, circulated in the internet.
This writing purportedly was written by Jun Lozada and given to a friend Enteng Romano.
Romano then did not find much use of the Lozada piece, until Lozada spilled the beans in the Senate recently.
The piece, attributed to Jun Lozada, seeks to explain why Romulo Neri won't testify in the Senate.
It also seeks to squeeze out some of the things on Neri's mind.

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Anonymous said...

Can I still trust the Instrumentalities of the State?

I ask this question to all...
Our LGU reeks and stinks with blatant and garapalan CORRUPTION. from the mayor to the city council to the department heads.... i prepared a letter and a report on this but up to this time have not sent it to the Chief Ombudsman and the Chair of the Blue Ribbon, for the very reason of not being able to trust the instrumentalities of the state concerning these matters. our officials BOAST that their contact is the FG himself... if i pursue this end, will it materialize? will they be investigated and if found guilty be made liable for their actions? CAN I TRUST THE INSTRUMENTALITIES OF THE STATE?