Friday, February 22, 2008

Directions for Mount Samat

Chrissie sent me an email seeking directions in going to Mount Samat. I blogged about our first visit to Mount Samat months ago. Here is Chrissie's email, and my response:

Hi Jay... I was searching for Mt. Samat articles and I came across your blog. I was planning on visiting Mt. Samat this weekend but had no idea on how to get there. Would you still remember how to get there? Is it possible to ask for directions? Thank you so much and sorry for the hassle.

Chrissie, I have forgotten the exact directions, I was following a lead vehicle then. But I think you have to go to Pampanga. Mount Samat is in Pilar, Bataan (I should remember this). Anyway if it would be of any help, let me direct you to this link:
Thank you and have a nice trip!

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