Sunday, February 17, 2008

Perdices a good faith liar

While recognizing that indeed mayor Agustin lied under oath, the city prosecutors deaclared these lies were in good faith.
This was the gist of the resolution of the city prosecutors owhich dismissed the perjury charge filed by newspaper columnist Mercedarius Dindo P. Generoso agasint the city mayor.
According to the city prosecutors, the lies made by Perdices were not deliberate.
However, Dindo Generoso said he will seek a reconsdieration of the resolution dismising the perjury charge because the evidence is very clear that Perdices dliberate lied under oath.
Mercedarius Dindo P. Generoso yesterday said he will seek a review of the resolution of the city prosecutors’ office dismissing his two- count complaint of perjury against city Mayor Agustin R. Perdices.
Generoso said despite the dismissal of his perjury complaint, he feels vindicated because the resolution confirmed that mayor Perdices is a liar, and that Perdices lied under oath.
Perdices did not dispute the lies attributed to him.
Perdices was shown to have lied by stating under oath that Dindo is an Australian; that Dindo cannot be found in Dumaguete; that Dindo is not residing in the Philippines.
Perdices used these lies in court, and even sought a preliminary attachment against Dindo’s property in Dumaguete City.
The city prosecutors dismissed the perjury complaint because according to them, Perdices merely lied “in good faith.”
However, Generoso said that the evidence clearly shows that Perdices deliberately lied.
For this reason Generoso said he will ask the city prosecutors to reconsider their resolution, which he was able to get a copy only yesterday.

Half baked resolution
Generoso said he found the prosecutors’ resolution unusual, odd, and half-baked despite the fact that it ostensibly was reviewed by four city prosecutors, namely 4th assistant city prosecutor Leonardo E. Mandahoyan, 3rd assistant city prosecutor Alvin A. Aseniero, 2nd assistant city prosecutor Joseph Arnel M. Zerna, and approved by city prosecutor Adrian C. Borromeo.
Generoso said he found the resolution unusual because it had to be reviewed by four prosecutors.
Despite this supposedly thorough review, the resolution failed to address all the issues raised in his complaint.
For instance, Generoso observed the city prosecutors apparently forgot there were two counts of perjury filed against Perdices.
Perdices already knew about and realized the sworn lies he had made in his first sworn statement, Generoso stressed.
Yet, even already knowing he lied under oath, Perdices still persisted and made a subsequent sworn statement repeating the same lies he made in his previous sworn statement, Generoso added.
“How can that be good faith?” Generoso asked.
Curiously, the resolution which supposedly underwent “thorough review” was eerily silent on this issue, Generoso observed.
Generoso also noted that he and Perdices met here in Dumaguete several times.
Generoso even submitted to the prosecutors photographs evidencing Perdices and himself together.
Yet, the prosecutors still believed Perdices’ claim he was acting in “good faith” when he lied under oath that Generoso cannot be found in the Philippines.
Again, the silence in the resolution on this matter was deafening, Generoso said.
Generoso also expressed disbelief, and amusement in the resolution which stated: “It is generally given that Filipinos who lived abroad (with the exception of overseas contract workers living among others, in the Middle East and in Hongkong) are perceived as having obtained the citizenship of the country where they reside.”
This is absolutely without factual and legal basis, Generoso said.
“This funny statement in the resolution brings dishonor to our great political leaders who had lived abroad but yet maintained their dignity and sense of patriotism by remaining to be Filipino citizens,” Generoso said.
These political leaders who lived abroad include the late President Manuel L. Quezon, Jovito Salonga, Ninoy Aquino, Corazon Aquino (former President), former Senator Heherson Alvarez, the Lopezes of ABS-CBN, Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Noynoy Aquino, to name a few.
“And there are many, many more ordinary Filipinos who reside abroad but did not naturalize,” Generoso said.
“It was amusing to read the resolution which associated living abroad with citizenship change,” Generoso said.
The legal process of naturalization is a complicated, difficult process. It is not even automatic. It cannot be assumed, Generoso added.
One is not naturalized in a foreign country just because he lives there, Generoso maintained.
Yet, the prosecutors, learned men in the law, believed the preposterous if not ridiculous statements of a mayor Perdices, Generoso said.

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