Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Debate rages on Coca-Cola ads

The debate on this blog about the issue of Coca-Cola painting the town red hasn't slipped away.
I just received a obviously irate reaction from a blogger named Kareen Ann, who came raging like a bull, vigorously, or almost-violently defending the "fence-advertisement" campaign of Coca-Cola in Dumaguete City.
It apparantely is a reaction to an earlier comment by Dinah Penaflorida (also posted in this blog), who had said the fence-advertisements of Coca-cola are insulting to the intelligence of Dumaguetenos.
Kareen Ann, angrily disputes this.
By the tone of her reaction, I can sense it comes from somebody who is not familiar, or hasn't imbibed the polite, gentle approach, commonly attribtable to Dumageutenos.
I will post her reation (with some correction on the English), and later below, present it again, the way a true-blooded Dumagueteno would argue.

Here is that stern reaction of Kareen Ann:

"Insulting?! Insulting to whom?! The Coca-cola Ads is (sic) [are] insulting? yes it is to those who wants (sic) [want] money but sad to say Coca-cola is not like that! Before u point the finger's to Coca-cola manalamin kau! Coca-cola have (sic) [has] been there for the poor people, may Red School sila for the very poor and hard to reach area...mga [may?] Corporate Social responsibility sila... kaya bago kau mag salita kala mo kung sinong malinis na nagtuturo sa companya na yan...tingnan nyo ang Local officials nyo! Bakit ang ibang beverage company wala bang ginagawang ganyan! ang Kapal ng Mukha nyo"
"Before i go..By the way, Meron din silang ADAPT (sic) [ADOPT] A SCHOOL program...founder Coca-cola...if my reply will not be posted then my impression sa mga taga Dumaguete City is wrong.... "


Anonymous said...

All I can say is Ms. Penaflorida's reaction is typical for people of her generation. I find Sillimanians in her era as very loyal and passionate about the welfare of Dumaguete and often use nostalgia as the basis of what the city should be.

But people have different points of view.

Kareen Ann's reaction is just too "unrefined." Judging by the tone of her comment, she is obviously from the north of the country and comes from a not-so-good school (obviously not from Silliman or a kickout). She also most likely have strong ties with Coca-Cola (probably an employee or one who benefited from one of Coke's programs).

Both ladies have some points but I just can't stand impolite replies.

Kareen said...

I reacted that way because I love the place, and it’s so hard to accept that those who help the people are being mocked. Well, as for the Anonymous who attack me personally and to quote... ”she is obviously from the north of the country and comes from a not-so-good school (obviously not from Silliman or a kick out."

My dear, If you are from Silliman then good, but isn't that pathetic? You claimed to be a good person and yet you attacked me personally? Hmmm... At least I did not claim to be nice person. And at least I have the guts to post my name....

I’m not a Sillimanian, or from a Classy school but I am not a kick out.... well, nobody would pay me a salary of 100thousand pesos a month if I am... and Volvo cars will never call me and persuade me to join them... hmmmm...

You can correct my English all you want and thanks... hahaha.... Typical NM.

Mali po spelling mo ng ATTRIBUTABLE...at reaction? oh..pati po Dumagueteno...