Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bad news for Sabungeros

I bring bad news to sabungeros (cockfight enthusiasts).
The Supreme Court has turned down a petition seeking to allow the holding of cockfights other than the statutorily mandated dates.
I read from the Bohol Chronicle a news item disclosing about this Supreme Court resolution.
I tried to look up the G.R. No. 176004 (Ramo v Gov. Erico Aumentado, December 5, 2007) in the Supreme Court website, but I wasn't able to trace it.
You see, under Philippine law, Presidential Decree No. 449, cockfights are to be held only on certain dates.
These are on Sundays and legal holidays, including Christmas, Easter Sunday, and fiestas.
However, on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Rizal Day, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, election days, cockfighting are not allowed.
But beyond this, some sabungeros want extended cockfight sessions.
It was disallowed by the Bohol provincial government.
So somebody questioned this and went all the way up to the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court upheld the provincial government's stand on disallowing cockfights other than those dates stated in the law.
So, for our sabungero-friends, sorry.
Control your vice. Contain your urges.
Retain Sunday school.
Don't over do it. "Moderate your greed".
It's good for your health.
You will also have more time with the family.

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