Thursday, February 14, 2008

Upset reactor

A reader who was visibly upset over my latest blogpost, reveals an apparent ugly political bickering within the Pacquiao circle.
Well, where there is money, there is politics. and vice-versa.
Unfortunately, the reactor did not get what the post was really about.
He or she thought it was about Pacquiao.
Anyway, here is the raction, and my comment to the reaction:

Its pathetic for who ever started this stupid rumor... I know these people.. most of those that are involved with Pacquiao here in Los Angeles. I think I have an idea on who's the LOSER that started this story... its out of JEALOUSY for the couple for what they have accomplished earning Manny;s trust and therefore they are more favored. I just hope people aren't too naive to go believing "alleged" news that a certain sad individual has spread. Just because some one claims something does not make it a fact.


Jay's response:

I don't think Pacquiao will grant me an interview, as he is now probably too busy for me.
But you missed the point of the blogpost.
It wasn't about Pacquiao.
It is about incidents involving banks that negligently allow the encashment of forged checks.
It just so happened that it was Pacquiao's checking account that was involved, and it naturally caused a stir.
But there have been many Supreme Court decisions treating the liability, responsibility or culpability of banks that encash forged checks.
The point is, it is the bank's responsibility.
That is why Wells Fargo was all too willing to refund Pacquiao.
Unfortunately, at times when it involves lesser known account holders, banks don't usually come so easy in admitting liability.
It even has to reach the courts.
In any event, I am not really interested in the politics and the bickerings within Manny Pacquiao's inner circle.
I just enjoy watching him fight in the ring.

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