Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's this word: "HULIDAP"?

The word "HULIDAP" is not an English word, but a concoction, or combination of two words, one Filipino "HULI", meaning catch or arrest, and the English word "HOLD-UP",
As a result you have a word: "HULIDAP"
"HULIDAP" became a popular word in Filipino newspapers due to the rising incidents of law enforcers, policemen, military men, or pseudu-law enforcers trying to stage mock check-points or arrests, and "catching" law violators or criminals on the streets, but actually extort money from these civilians so they can later be freed.
For instance, some policemen on the streets, flag down cargo trucks, and try to inspect what is being loaded.
For the slightest infraction, like the truck being overloaded, the policeman will perhaps impound the vehicle, or make an arrest.
The arresting policemen will then extort money so that the driver will be allowed to leave without the infraction being recorded.
In this way, the policemen make money, the cargo truck goes free.
This can be one form of "HULIDAP" ("HULI" and "HOLD-UP").
Another form is when a vehicle is flagged down on the highway by supposedly law enforcers.
When the driver stops, the "law enforcers" are not really policemen or men of the law, but notorious hold-uppers (but some of them are ex-policemen or ex-military men).
This is another form of "HULIDAP."
This is not an uncommon occurrence in the metropolis like Metro Manila.
In connection with this, a father from Saudi Arabia wrote me through email and asked whether incidents of "HULIDAP" is only limited in big cities like Metro Manila, or whether it is also happening in Dumaguete.
He was inquiring because he insinuated that his son, or his son's friend, was a victim of "HULIDAP", right in the city of gentle people.
I'll publish his letter in my next blog, as I am on my way to a hearing....

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