Sunday, February 25, 2007

Road mishaps

Roads are one of the most dangerous places to be in.
Everytime I am on the road, specially the freeways, I always pray to God for protection because, frankly speaking, anything can just happen.
What worries me are the frequency of road mishaps that happen, i.e. car collissions, pedestrians run over by vehicles, road rage.
When I am on the road and bringing a camera, many times I get to encounter other vehicles that figure in road accidents.
I was even able to take pictures of these road collissions.
Let me post some of those photos of road accidents which I have taken, because I happened to be in the area myself at those times.
First, while on our way to Bataan we met a bumping incident involving an Isuzu cargo truck and an owner-type jeep.
For a while, we couldn't figure out how the incident could have happened, but it seemed the jeep was trying to cross an intersection, but was bumped by the truck running on the intersecting direction.
I was also driving from the southern town of Siaton in Negros Oriental not long ago, on my way to Dumaguete City.
We encountered a Ceres passenger bus lying sideways on the road shoulder.
When we arrived, the injured passengers had just been taken into another Ceres bus and brought to a hospital in Dumaguete City.
According to the witnesses, the ill-fated Ceres bus was racing with another vehicle, and when they met another vehicle coming from the opposite direction, it was too late, so the Ceres bus had to swerve towards the left shoulder of the road.
What a dangerous maneuver.
Then, another road incident we were able to capture was amusing. It involved a hearse (porlon) along a major road in Manila.
Coffin-carrying vehicles usually do not figure in road accidents because they always travel at very slow speed for obvious reasons.
But this hearse was different, most probably as it wasn't "on-duty". But on the few times that it was speeding "conffin-less", it met a road accident.
Also, while I was in Houston, years ago, I was also able to take photo shots of a vehicle that had just turned-turtle on the road.
Just recently, I was riding a taxi late at night in Cebu City. We stalled when we saw many people on the road.
We learned that a motorcycle had just met a collision with another vehicle.
It happened just minutes before we arrived. I got out of the taxi and took pictures of the motorcycle driver who was bloodied and still lying on the road unconscious, while his wife, was screaming for help.
Fortunately, the motorcycle driver became conscious a little later, and was brought to the hospital.
Because of these road accidents, I always remind myself not to be complacent while on the road, and try to be always on alert.
What worries me is that many of the drivers don't drive defensively, specially here in Metro Manila.
One needs to learn the "driving culture" here in Manila because of the "suicidal" behavior of many drivers, particuarly those driving jeepneys and the public utility buses.

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