Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pa writes about Dumaguete City police

I received an email from a Dumagueteno currently working in Saudi Arabia. It's about an incident involving allegedly a random police checkpoint that resulted in the loss of his son's cellphone:

Attn: Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco

Dear Sir,

A very pleasant day.
I am a resident of Dumaguete City working here in the Middle East.
I would like to highlight a situation in our city which I think your office could be a help.
At about 9 to 10 pm last night (February 06, 2007) at Locsin Street (near ACSAT) my son’s friend riding on his motorbike was stopped by Policemen (random check point).
When he was not able to present a driver’s license, the Police Officer took the cellphone (Motorola RAZR V3) he was carrying.
The cellphone that the policeman apprehended belongs to my son which was borrowed by his friend for whatever reason.

The following day my son went to the police department but they were not able to see or identify the officer. In connection with the incident I would like to ask an advise from your end.
Is the police officer’s action legal.
What action do we have to take on this matter. (I was thinking HULI-DAP only happens in Manila).


PAY Mercado

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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