Monday, February 12, 2007

Paper-based courts

Sadly, Philippine courts are still highly paper-based.
Most of the courts are already using computers. They have been so doing for years.
But, court records are still in thick folders which occupy a lot of court-room space.
This morning I was in aninferior court, a Metropolitan Trial Court to inquire about a pending case.
What greeted me were folders of court records scattered on the floor.
The Metropolitan Trial Court is the lowest level court and so many cases are filed here.
I was amazed at how a court personnel was able to locate the court case record I was looking for, considering the volumes of court records spread on the floor.
I guess they have a way of locating their own respecive files.
Yes, the reliable, rickety typewriters are still used in our courts, even in Metro Manila courts.
They support the computers that are used in orders and notices that are issued for the parties.

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