Monday, February 19, 2007

Scooter patrol

I was at the Manila city hall for a hearing and I saw a multitude of scooter bikes paraded at the mini quadrangle.
The gray mini-bikes are to be used for Manila traffic enforcers.
Because of the perrenial traffic jams, any other vehicle bigger than those scooters would have serious problems maneuvering Manila's streets.
The city government, thus thought of these scooters which could pass through traffic in between vehicles lined up in traffic in Manila streets.
Also, the scooter bikes can bring law enforcers faster from one point to another, specially in running after the criminals like snatchers and petty thieves.
With this law enforcement strategy, the mobile cars will concentrate on the larger thoroughfares were vehicles traverse faster, thus needing four-wheeled patrols, rather than the mini scooters.
Scooters have become a fad these days, even in the metropolis.
The motorcycles have become smaller and smaller than the ones that used to ply the streets of Dumaguete before.
I noticed that there was a sudden surge in motorcycles that roam the streets of Metro Manila.
There were not that many motorcycles in the 1990's.
Motorcycles are a danger to safety, specially on the main highways like EDSA.
But it has been the most efficient mode of transport for many offices.
These are used by delivery services of fast food chains and pizza parlors.
Offices in Makati invest in motorcycles for their messengers, to make them more productive.
Office messengers achieve more as they no longer get stuck in the traffic, by commuting on jeepneys.

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