Sunday, February 25, 2007

Missing radio

I sometimes feel I miss my radio days.
I was exposed to broadcasting at a young age.
I remember I started out as a cleaner of 45 rpm's and long playing records,before they are played by disc jockeys / spinners on board.
I then learned to become a spinner, a disc jockey and a newscaster.
That was back in the 1980's in Dumaguete City.
My father opened the first FM station in 1979, DYEM-FM at 96.7.
Up to this day, it has continued to serve as a bridge of its listeners in Dumaguete city on current affairs and music.
Lately I came accross some of the old pictures during those radio days.
I thought I have to preserve it, lest it would be lost forever. (Blogs are used to store files, photos too).
My radio days were some of the fun and ejoyable times of my boyhood and adolescent life.
If you would notice the pictures, it was during the time of the turn-tables and tape decks, and cassettes.
The LPs (long playing records) and 45's were called "plaka".
Then it became CDs. Now I think its the age of MP3's and MP4's.
Radio stations these days are all computerized and computer generated.
After the turntables came the compact discs. But today, the music pieces are stored in the computer.
How technology has leaped.
I only knew how to operate the turn-table and tape decks.
Now when I get inside a radio booth, I know I won't even know what buttons to press.
I can still remember the Dumaguete radio guys during those days.
They were Henry Villalba, with his magic voice, the first official voice of the radio station, Bong Tano, Agnes Apalisok, Jose Mari Umbac, Boy Panahon, Jojo Sedigo, Eddie Lantaca, Mitchell Duran, Mario Opena, Ken, Cathy Tale, and many others.
Sometimes, even as I am concentating on the legal field, I still long for an opportunity to be back in active broadcast.
If that opportunity comes, I think it would be something hard to pass.

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