Monday, July 02, 2007

Fraud ridden senatorial elections

I have no interest in politics, but I was involved in the last elections for senator.
I helped in the campaign of Koko Pimentel.
It has been a nerve-wracking experience considering what is going on in the canvassing.
It was a fraud-ridden elections.
At this stage we are filing petitions before the National Board of Canvassers (NBC) to exclude the certificates of canvass in many municipalities in Mindanao, particularly in the provinces of Lanao, and Sulu.
And we are not mention the bigger fraud that has happened in Maguindanao.
As of this writing, there is a big chance that Migs Zubiri might just overtake Koko Pimentel with the remaining uncanvassed votes.
If Migs is proclaimed, he will be the senator representing the republic of Maguindanao.
Maguindanao is the place where his meteoric rise in the count of votes can be attributed.
Everyone knows what happened in Maguindanao.
Koko Pimentel has been cheated of his victory as the twelfth senator of the republic.
We will keep on fighting on until the truth will be unraveleved.
It will just be a matter of time.
I have already seen the source documents of these certificate canvass immorally canvassed by the Abalos Comelec, and one can vomit at the fraud that was insiduously employed.
I will be posting the evidence in this blogs as the days come by.

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