Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Supreme Court to hear Koko Pimentel petition again

The Supreme Court today bared that it will again hear the oral arguments of Koko Pimentel at 10:00 a.m. on Friday pertaining to his petition to review and set aside the actions of the Commission on Elections which had denied him a chance to prove that the elections in Maguindanao and other Mindanao provinces were a farce and did not reflect the true will of the electorate.
I could be wrong but I believe the decision of the Supreme Court to hold oral arguments again on two similar petitions by one petitioner is unprecedented.
I have yet to research on any other situation that the Supreme Court made this unusual move, which is good for Koko Pimentel.
Technically there are two petitions of Koko Pimentel that came one after the other.
In his first petition, Koko Pimentel went to the Supreme Court and sought to exclude the Maguindanao canvass.
After the oral arguments where Koko Pimentel represented himself, the Supreme Court did not grant a temproary restraining order.
Subsequently, Koko withdrew his petition.
Thereafter, after the Maguindanao votes were canvassed by the Comelec dispite pleas by Koko to allow him to prove that the certificates of cnavass were manufactured, Koko Pimentel had no recourse but to elevate the matter to the Supreme Court.
By this time, Miguel Zubiri had already overtaken Koko in the counting with the canvassing of the votes from Bais City and Bogo Cebu.
As a matter of fact the Comelec was already poised to proclaim the senator from the republic of Maguindanao, Miguel Zubiri, when in the nick of time, the Supreme Court announced it was holding oral arguments on Friday.
So the scheduled proclaimation is cancelled.
What is the significance of the proceeding in the Supreme Court.
I believe this is the greatest opportunity to really cleanse and purify our rotten electoral processes.
I also believe it should already be the Supreme Court which should come into the picture.
The Comelec is hopeless. It is a failure.
Instead of cleansing the elections, it has only promoted the further deterioration of the corrupt electoral system.
If the Comelec commissioner really want to clean our elections, it can do it.
But it didn't. Instead, it blamed the Filipino way of life culture.
The Comelec is a constitutional body.
Only the Supreme Court can check the Comelec.
So this is it. This is the opportunity.
We have faith in the Supreme Court that it can move mountains, and stop the electoral corruption.
The 2010 presidential elections is only three years away.
The country cannot afford to have another president with dubious mandate brought about by massive poll cheating in the south.
We cannot afford continuous political instability.

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