Saturday, July 07, 2007


The word doesn't ring a bell, for sure.
Well, Pagalungan, is an obscure, almost unheard-of town in the southeast part of the province of Maguindanao, Mindanao.
That was until a few days after the May 14, 2007.
Pagalungan may yet just hold one of the vital keys in proving massive electoral fraud in Maguindanao, where Team Unity candidate Miguel Zubiri got his more than 195,000 votes (the voters who actually voted only totalled 198,000) to wipe out the hard-earned votes of Genuine Opposition candidate Koko Pimentel.
In other words, Koko Pimentel, earned a total of around 133,000 votes over Zubiri from different provinces from all over the country.
But Miguel Zubiri miraculously got the votes of almost one hundred percent of the voters who voted in Maguindanao (195,000 out of 198,000 actual voters).
Yes, it would be as possible as believing that the Earth has two moons.
Let's go back to Pagalungan.
If you would recall, the provincial canvass of Maguindanao officially declared that 19 senatorial candidates, including winners Panfilo Lacson, Noynoy Aquino, Alan Cayetano got ZERO votes from the province of Maguindanao.
But lo and behold, uncanvassed election returns from the town of Pagalungan have just been turned over to the Comelec.
What did the results show?
No senatorial candidate got a zero vote in the town of Pagalungan, Maguindanao.
Even the most unknown senatorial candidate, a person named Orpilla got eighteen votes!
A common-sense question is now in order: Why did the Maguindanao provincial certificate of canvass come ahead of the Pagalungan town canvass? The cart came ahead of the horse?
How many uncanvassed municipal returns are there still?
So the Pagalungan election results totally demolishes the myth that there were candidates who got zero votes in Maguindanao.
It shows that the Maguinandao provincial certificate of canvass is a farce, freshly manufactured.
By the way, do you recall the name Musa Dimasidsing?
She was the Maguindanao district election supervisor, who was gunned down on June 9th in Cotabato for having exposed the rigging of the elections in Pagalungan, Maguindanao.
Pagalungan, a sleepy Maguindanao town, will awake a nation that has just begun to uncover the truth behind the massive electoral fraud that happened in that province.

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