Friday, July 06, 2007

Condolences to Sedigo family

I would like to extend my personal condolences to the family of the late Atty. Epifanio J. Sedigo, a longtime Dumagueteno who passed away July 3, 2007.
His Toronto-based daughter and friend Katrina sent me an email informing us of the sad news:

Hello Ely and Jay, hope you remember me.
I thought I'd let you know Atty. Epifanio J. Sedigo, my Papa passed away last July 3rd.
His body lies in state at Eterna Funeral Homes.
Funeral Mass is Saturday, July 7th.
He served Dumaguete for 30 + years and is so much a part of the City and all that history.
Thank you and warm regards,
Katrina Sedigo
(Toronto, Canada)

The children of the late Atty. Sedigo are home-grown broadcasters (big baritone radio-perfect voices) and pioneered the airlanes of DYEM-FM in the 1980's. They have gone to other fields of profession.
I remember Pat, Paul, Jojo (now a law professor),and Kat. Paul also went abroad.
....My prayers and sympathies.

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Anonymous said...

May Lolo Tuting rest in peace...