Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comment to Payling's charges

In his article, Payling throws a very pointed question: “Did the mayor cheat during the latest elections?
Payling says this question remains unanswered, and “only time will tell”
Payling says he thinks the mayor did not cheat.
I also have a similar thinking.
I think---and I am one hundred percent sure---the mayor did not directly cheat in the last elections.
I think---and I am one hundred percent sure---the mayor did not personally buy votes in the last elections.
I have never seen the mayor directly do such dastardly acts.
But the astute politician that he is, Payling knows more and knows better.
Payling says that while he thinks the mayor did not cheat, he says he cannot say the same with respect to some of the mayor’s “minions”.
Who are these mayor’s “minions?
Unfortunately, and quite expectedly, Payling does not say.
Was the mayor aware what his "minions" were doing during the elecitions?
I'd like to get an honest answer from the mayor himself, under oath preferably.
Another intriguing charge that Payling makes in his article is that there is a “father-and-son tandem” in city hall who is responsible for bringing the mayor’s popularity “to the poorest level.”
Payling notes that mayor Perdices only had a margin of a little over five thousand against his closest rival, and to think “his rival had practically no money,” says Payling.
Who could this “father-and-son tandem” be?
Dr. Payling could not possibly be referring to the Rodring-Neil Ray Lagahit tandem.
To me, this is unthinkable because Rodring is Payling’s brother, and Neil Ray is Payling’s nephew. They are family. Family members don’t attack one another.
Rodring is with the General Services while Neil Ray is the city legal officer.
But at same time, in all honesty, I also cannot think of any other father-and-son-tandem in city hall, that Payling could otherwise be talking about.
I am thus, at a dead-end.
This father-son tandem, apparently wields such tremendous influence as to drive more than half of city hall’s workforce to vote against the mayor (this is according to Payling in his article).
So Payling, can you help us out and tell us who you are referring to?
Or in fairness to Rodring or Neil Ray, perhaps they can tell us any other father-son tandem in city hall that their brother/uncle Payling could possibly be referring to?
What worries me really is Payling’s charge that the elections in the city will go down in history as the “costliest” and “dirtiest” ever.
Who made our elections the "costliest"? Who made our elections the "dirtiest"?
These political hypocrites?
We are likewise concerned for our beloved mayor because according to Payling, this father-son tandem is responsible for bringing the mayor’s popularity “to the poorest level.”
Now we do not want an unpopular mayor, do we?
I'm not sure, but I have a feeling the people might just witness a can of worms being opened here.
I also think that with Payling's revelations, Payling could likely be made a potential witness to a sensational defamation trial.
P.S. To the defendant Australian Dindo: Your column pales compared to Payling’s.

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