Sunday, January 11, 2009

Law School ID

I found today my old law school ID from an old box.
For posterity, and like other ID's I will just post it in my blog.
There is a great chance this wouldget lost again.
I went to the Ateneo law school at Rockwell last Friday and I saw that there are new kinds of IDs issued to students there, more sophisticated ones.
IDs capable of being swiped.
Ours in the nineties were just laminated.
I met the same pretty faces at the adminitration office.
"O, napasyal ka?" one of them said.
"I want to re-enroll," I jokingly told them.
The tuition fee has made leaps and bounds.
It now costs P70,000.00 (US$1,400.00) per semester, excluding everything.
My goodness.
It would be more expensive for those coming from the province (like I was) since you need to cover board and lodging.
But the experience, and expenses were all worth it.
Very rigorous training and preparation.
We use to call it the "drill-type" of training.
The law professor was like a drill sergeant testing us, day-in and day-out for four years, whether we read the assigned cases and books.
I can still vividly recall the venerable Justice Relova.
In four years, it all becomes mechanical.
Quite an experience...

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