Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Raffy

Today, my good friend Rafael Raffy Olasiman received an order of release from jail by the court, after having been granted bail.
Raffy who has been in jail for four years, was charged, along with three others, with murder for the killing of a U.S. citizen, the late Kyong four years ago.
Kyong was my client when she pursued in court people who duped her of millions of pesos.
Raffy, now thirty years old, served as Kyong's assistant.
He served as driver, electrician, errand boy, and just about anything else that Kyong wanted him done.
Kyonw was murdered in her home.
In a twist of fate, Raffy was included as among those who allegedly conspired to kill her.
Although I wasn't there to witness this incident, I know Raffy has got nothing to do with this crime.
Even the self-confessed trigger-man who pintpointed Raffy, and who's affidavit was the basis for Raffy's inclusion as one of the suspects, did not know Raffy at all.
After four long years, of applying for bail, the court has finally granted hiw release.
So far, according to the court, the prosecution has not shown any proof that the guilt of the accused is strong.
That is why the bail, notwithstanding the fact that the crime is murder, normally a non-bailable offense.
I was in Dumaguete, and assistted him in any way I possibly can.
This afternoon I went to the provincial jail to facilitate his release.
Raffy had sent me a text that he couldn't be released because the jail guard in charge for the release of prisoners had gone home at four o'clock.
I had wanted to have Raffy released, and tried to make some calls, but Raffy said he would just stay the night in jail, and would just wait for tomorrow's release when the guard-in-charge for release would report back to work.
I wouldn't be there to see him come out of jail as I would be flying back to Manila first thing in the morning.
Anyway, it's good he's free.

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