Monday, January 12, 2009

Justice Erlyn

Justice Erlyn is not the name of a lady magistrate, but names of two persons.
In fact they're a couple.
I am talking about Justice Demerre, and his wife Dr. Erlyn Demerre.
We had lunch with the Demerre couple during the Christmas break, together with my parents and sister at Jo's by the sea in San Jose.
Justice and Erlyn (seated left in the photo), are one of two Silliman high school classmates of batch 1978 who ended up as husband and wife.
Both are now based in Manila.
Justice is connected with a Canada-based engineering firm.
Erlyn is a cardiologist at St Lukes hospital.
Doktora Erlyn is my wife's physician, so they see each other quite often.
Doktora Erlyn is one of the children of Mrs. Rosa Cabanag, our English teacher at Silliman high school.
She is the brother of the late prosecutor Erwin Cabanag.
Justice meanwhile, is the only person I know whom people call "justice" even if he is not a lawyer.
He is the younger brother of Mrs. Naku the guidance counselor at Silliman high school during our time.
His sister Rinalyn (spelling?)was a ballet instructor I recall at MEV Dance studio, where my twin sisters used to have ballet dance lessons.
Justice and Erlyn were among old acquaintances we hooked up with during the holiday break in Dumaguete.

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